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Launch of Channel Partner owned Orient Bell Tile Boutique with an eye on the high-end market of Uttar Pradesh West

Launch of Channel Partner owned Orient Bell Tile Boutique with an eye on the high-end market of Uttar Pradesh West

Orient Bell Limited has launched Channel Partner owned Orient Bell Tile boutique in Noida, UP West with an exquisite collection of tiles to add a fresh unique look to your living and working spaces.

Noida, 25th August’17: Orient Bell Limited (OBL), a leading brand in the Indian tile industry, launched their Channel Partner owned Orient Bell Tile Boutique with Gupta Steel (India) in Noida, UP West on 24th August’17.

Orient Bell Limited offers an attractive blend of contemporary designs, patterns & shades. The emphasis is on Digital Tile Technology, which has helped in translating the beauty and elegance of natural products like stone, sand, wood, marble etc on tiles. OBL offers a mix of Ceramic, Vitrified, Wall, Floor and Digital Tiles that cover the entire range of applications for your living and working spaces. Along with this, Orient Bell Limited offers four unique patent technologies i.e. Forever Tile, Cool Tile, Life Tile and Germ Free Tile, which add technical innovation & engineering excellence to the product portfolio.

This OBTB was inaugurated by Mr. KM Pai, ED & CFO, Orient Bell Limited, who commented that these large format Channel Partner owned OBTBs was an important strategic step for OBL in the western part of UP and provided a one stop destination for professional and retail customers to find the perfect tiles for their living and working spaces. This launch of OBTB will aid in amplifying the untouched market in the northern parts of the country. This endeavor is also driven by the goal to equip various segments in this region to explore and enrich future prospects via their interaction with the latest breakthroughs in the tile industry.

About Orient Bell Limited:
Orient Bell Limited was established in 1977, with its base in New Delhi. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic and vitrified tiles as well as the first to manufacture ultra-vitrified tiles in India. Orient Bell has a successful market share of 6.0% (7th largest) within the organized market segment, marking an overall market share of 50% in the tile market. It has launched a chain of signature showrooms to display the complete product range by aiding retailers in concept selling and is privileged to be associated with the premier construction and consultancy agencies of the country. Its new product design and development is a continuous process, which aids in providing an extensive product range in tiles with various finishes and textures. With specialty tiles for different applications, Orient Bell has the maximum number of patents for four varieties of tiles and counts some of the leading developers and government institutions as its customers.