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Mahayagya for the soldiers, in the Kalkaji Temple

Mahayagya for the soldiers, in the Kalkaji Temple

In the famous Kalkaji temple in southern Delhi, Shat Chandi Paath and Havan will be organized for the well-being of the soldiers deployed in the security of the country by the Mangal Bhavan and 108 Vedic Pundits on the border. Under the leadership of Mahant Surendra Nath Avadhoot of the temple, the teachers of the Kalka temple accomplished this yagya. The amount collected will be utilized for the welfare schemes of the country.

Mahant Surendra Nath Avadhoot, who sacrifices the sacrifice, says, "The glory of Chandipaath and havanyagya is also described in the Vedas. It is considered a very powerful yagya. That is why we are making this yagya for the good of the soldiers fighting the enemies on the border and for their victory. Our soldiers protect us from the attacks of outer forces day and night and shine their lives. We wish them to be powerful, victorious and energetic.

According to Mangal Bhavan, organizing yagya, on this occasion of Independence Day, yagya was launched on Sunday. Prasad, mother's sannyas, siddhantras and videos are being sent to the people who are participating in the yagya. Apart from this, a large number of people have also enjoyed watching live show of Pooja sitting at home through the app prepared for this yagya. He said that the utilization of the amount raised for sacrifice will be done to create a toilet in the state high school, Raita located at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan under the Clean India Mission.

About Mangal Bhavan

With the blessings of Mother Kalka, the institution Mangal Bhavan offers Chandipaath and havan with the determination to fulfill everyone's wish. This lesson was concluded with the help of 108 Pandits under the leadership of Mahant Shri Surendra Nath Avadhootji of Kalka temple

Mangal Bhavan gives the religious functions and study such Bagyrekha temples across the country or homes or offices, counseling, study of signs, worship. All these are provided by religious scholars certified. Supply mangal bhavan reliable foundation materials also provide and promote spiritual tourism.