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Singer Priyanka Goyat Crooned for the Liberty of almost 1000 Birds in Dwarka Village

Singer Priyanka  Goyat Crooned for the Liberty of almost 1000 Birds in Dwarka Village

Priyanka Goyat, the emerging queen of Indie Pop who rocked the music world in 2016 with her debut song 'Jimmy Choo' becomes the messiah of almost 1000 birds in Dwarka Village before the Independence Day. Priyanka who lives in Dwarka was always concerned to see trapped pigeons, parrots, doves and other birds on her way to Haryana, where she frequently travels to visit the ancestral home.

With a heart as beautiful as her charismatic personality, Priyanka was always empathetic to see those caged birds. Many a time, she interacted with the villagers and requested them to emancipate the birds, but they did nothing except making a dead smile on her merciful petitions. Lastly, she dared to ask that why they take her advice so lightly. And, the reply came, “They are our assets and we earn money from them.” Priyanka countered their reason very sensibly, she said, “Well, it means if someone abducts your son or daughter and make him/her slave just for livelihood, then you people will not resist anyhow.” They abruptly said, “But, these are birds. Priyanka said, “Yes, these are birds, but they have hearts that beat like ours and eyes that shed tears in trouble. Unfortunately, we all know about it, but our selfishness has hardened our hearts.”

After these heart touching words of Priyanka, an elderly woman came forward and uttered in low voice, “Theek kehti hu beta.” Following her consent, other villagers also conceded that Priyanka is right. Then one after another, they gathered in the ground with cages and opened gates to release the birds without any second thought. Priyanka saluted their courage and said, “Now, each one of us can better understand the meaning and spirit of freedom