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Spawake launches Age Solution Intensive Serum & Melting Makeup Remove

Skincare Products with Japanese Technology

Spawake launches Age Solution Intensive Serum & Melting Makeup Remove

New Delhi, India, September 2017 – Launched in India by KOSÉ Corporation, one of the largest beauty and cosmetic companies of Japan, ‘Spawake’ has once again launched skincare products with innovation with Japanese technology. The two recently launched products are -Spawake Age Solution Intensive Serum and Spawake Melting Makeup Remover.

Based on the concept of refreshing and revitalizing the skin for a fresh, after-spa glow, Spawake product portfolio which currently includes 20 product variants & 32 SKU’s is marketed at women living in urban areas. Reminiscent of Japan, all the products contain extracts of Japanese kelp (Laminaria Japonica) and sea salt, which are commonly used marine cosmetic ingredients. By protecting one’s skin against UV rays, drying and the harmful effects caused by the environment, the products cater to women fighting daily skincare issues.

‘Spawake Age Solution Intensive Serum’, an anti-ageing serum formulated with Advanced Rejuvenating Complex that blends the high concentration of Astaxanthin with Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract and Vitamin E. Astaxanthin is a pigment that is found in red algae, extracted from the sea and has been developed through years of proprietary ageing research. It provides superior anti-oxidant properties and anti-ageing support. The fast-absorbing formula in Age Solution Intensive Serum addresses the signs of ageing in 7 days to 4 weeks, to deliver visible results with new confidence in your skin.

A survey was done with 120 Indian Working Women from October – November 2016 for Spawake Age Solution Intensive Serum. These women used the serum for 4 weeks (Home Use Test). Questionnaires were shared after 1 week and 4 weeks of usage and the results were fabulous. Here’s what they had to say:
Immediate Results –
  • Skin is deeply moisturised and freshly glowing.
Results after 7 days –
  • 89% women felt improvement in skin radiance
  • 96% women felt improvement in skin moisturisation
  • 98% women felt their skin to be nourished
Results after 4 weeks –
  • 87% women felt improvement in skin fine lines
  • 89% women felt improvement in skin firmness
  • 91% women felt improvement in skin rejuvenation
  • 87% women felt overall anti-ageing effect
‘Spawake Melting Makeup Remover’, comes with the innovative feature of Melting and Removing. It is a soft-textured, non-sticky cream that melts into a milky emulsion as you massage over skin, dissolving all traces of makeup on the face, eyes and lips. It also dissolves tough waterproof makeup easily without friction. It contains moisturising SEA MINERALS, leaving your skin clean, soft and supple. 

Commenting on the launch of the new products, Mr. Takashi Nomura, Director & CEO, KOSE Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are very happy to once again launch some exciting and innovative Spawake products made after extensive research, to address the skincare problems being faced by women – ageing issues like fine lines, wrinkles and makeup removal with loads of friction and oil based products that make your skin sticky post usage. Since anti-ageing segment is growing rapidly and penetration of color cosmetics is already so deep, we could think of making products for solving issues in these 2 categories. With infusion of Japanese technology, sea ingredients and fruity floral fragrance we are able to launch products that will cater to these needs and will help bloom the beauty of Indian and Nepalese women.

Bollywood actress Neha Sharma, Spawake’s brand ambassador, comments on the new product launch saying; “I believe Innovation is the synonym of Spawake. They launch one after the other skincare products for India and Nepal with international features. Spawake serum is already being loved by so many women. Now they have come up with anti-ageing serum with Astaxanthin, which will surely be a remarkable product.  I am really excited about the makeup remover that melts and removes your tough makeup. Wow! This is the need of the hour for every girl.”  

The details for the new products can be found below:
Product Name
Price (INR)
Spawake Age Solution Intensive Serum
Spawake Melting Makeup Remover

*All products contain the cosmetic ingredients Japanese kelp extract and sea salt