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Walkathon organised to create awareness on Organ Donation

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Seen in the picture from left: Shyam Sunder Singh - MD & CEO of Septalyst Lifesciences, Bollywood actor Azaj Khan and Dr. Umesh Khanna - Chairman of Mumbai Kidney Foundation

Walkathon organised to create awareness on Organ Donation

Mumbai, August 10, 2017: To spread the message and create awareness on the importance of organ donation, Mumbai Kidney Foundation in association with Septalyst Lifesciences Pvt Ltd organised a walkathon as part of Organ Donation Week. Septalyst Lifesciences is a Mumbai based super-speciality pharmaceutical company focusing on Nephro, Neuro & Critical care products & therapy. Both MKF & Septalyst, very strongly support the cause of organ donation. Around 500 students of Nagindas Khandwala College & NSS activists participated in this initiative. The 2 km walkathon started from Nagindas Khandwala College in Malad and ends at the College gate. The walkathon started with flag off by Shyam Sunder Singh, MD& CEO of Septalyst Lifesciences & Dr. Vijay Suchak, Vice Principal of the NK College.

The dignitaries present at the event were Dr. Umesh Khanna - Chairman of Mumbai Kidney Foundation, Shyam Sunder Singh - MD & CEO of Septalyst Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. and famous bollywood celebrities like Azaj Khan, Swaroop Bhalwankar & Puja Sahu.

Every year 500,000 people die because of non-availability of organs. There is a huge gap between the requirement of organs for transplantation and actual availability of organs. This gap can be filled by organ donation. When it comes to organ donation there is lot of confusion, myths, misconception & fears among people. Awareness programmes on regular basis must be conducted to educate people and clear their confusion. This walkathon is a small initiative planned on the occasion of Organ Donation Week for creating awareness about organ donation and to motivate people to pledge for organ donation in order to help those in need of organs for transplantation. Lot of organisations & NGOS are working for the cause of organ donation in different parts of country like Mumbai Kidney Foundation (MKF), MOHAN Foundation in Tamil Nadu, Narmada Kidney Foundation in Mumbai, Zonal Transplant Coordination Center (ZTCC) in Mumbai, Shatayu in Gujarat etc.

“In India 1,50,000 die in road accidents every year & around 40% of these are declared brain dead. So, a pool of 60000 probable organ donors is available with us. If we are able to utilise this pool of organs, then we can solve the problem of organ shortage for transplant to a great extent. Last year we only had 723 cadaver organ donors. It is paradoxical that a country like ours with a billion plus population is having shortage of organs for transplantation. India has only 0.5 donors per million population (PMP). This ratio is as high as 35 donors PMP in Spain. This ratio can only be increased by education & awareness about organ donation. Organ donation must be made part of syllabus in 8th or 9th standard in all schools & boards across India. This will really create large scale awareness about organ donation in every nook & corner of the country,” said Dr Umesh Khanna.

“Every donor can save 8 lives. We all have got 2 lives and second one begins when we realise that we have only one. Each one of us can save 8 people in our second innings by pledging to donate organs,” said Shyam Sunder Singh.

Actor Azaj Khan said that he strongly supported the cause of organ donation. He said that as Indians we should be more concerned about giving and nothing can be a bigger donation than the organ donation. He also narrated a personal incidence where he lost a close relative. His relative needed a heart for transplantation which was not available and he succumbed. Azaj is also working with his NGO “Allah Ke bande” where he provides financial help in getting medical treatment to people who are financially weak.

Swaroop Bhanwalkar  & Pooja Sahu also supported the cause of organ donation and urged the students to pledge to donate organs and spread the awareness to their families, friends and relatives. Swaroop Bhanwalkar also sang a song to promote organ donation.