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5 Questions to Ask Before a Home Renovation

5 Questions to Ask Before a Home Renovation

A home renovation can often cause much stress and anxiety. Yet, a little preparation and careful planning could ensure you have a hassle-free experience from start to finish. You simply need to understand the work, budget and timescale required. For this reason, we suggest reading the five questions to ask before a home renovation.
  1. Do You Have the Experience to Successfully Complete the Project?

You must ensure you hire the right professional for a project. Don’t hire a roofing specialist who has a knack with plastering – hire a plasterer. This will ensure they will have the skills and experience to successfully complete the job on time and to a high standard. It’s therefore essential to ask a professional about their level of experience, so you’re confident in their ability to beautifully transform your home.

  1. Do You Have Accreditation?

Never hire a professional who has not received accreditation, as it’s a symbol of their trustworthiness and reliability. So, not only will you want to swiftly find a builder, but you must also ask if they have received the appropriate accreditations to perform the task, as they will continually work with safety and efficiency in mind.

  1. Will I Require Planning Permission?

A dependable professional will often state whether you’ll require planning permission for a home renovation project. If they fail to mention it, simply ask the question. A cowboy builder might state you don’t require planning permission for a home extension – only for the local authority to order you to tear the extension down. While you should ask a professional the question, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to check with the local council if you require planning permission for major structural work.

  1. How Long Will the Renovation Take?

A work schedule will provide an outline for how long a renovation project will take from start to finish. A reputable builder will therefore be able to plot the project to provide a realistic completion date. What’s more, it will separate the project into stages, which will allow you to stagger payments to take greater financial control of the project.
It’s also important to gain an insight into the work schedule, so you can warn neighbours before drilling starts, so they are less likely to complain about the noise. While not all home renovation projects will run on schedule, it can make the process more predictable.

  1. How Often Will You Check-In?

No builder wants to be micro-managed. It’s therefore essential to ask how often they will check-in either in person or over the phone to update you on their progress. You should therefore arrange a time each week to attend a site meeting, which will allow a contractor to update you on any progress or setbacks. It’s also important to visit the site at different points to ensure you’re completely happy with the quality of work being done.
Do you know any essential questions to ask a builder? Leave a comment below.