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“Dabur International” for “Vatika Gel Cream”

“Dabur International” for “Vatika Gel Cream”
Dubai, UAE, 5 September, 2017 – Hair styling remains a daily challenge for many who hate the stiffness, flakiness and dryness of hair as a result of exposure to high-levels of synthetic chemicals commonly present in regular styling gels. Hairfall, dandruff and damaged hair are also often the result of constant styling. Can the hair ever be free from harmful elements and simply naturally flow according to style while remaining healthy and nourished?

Vatika Gel Cream range offers a 2-in-1 innovative solution that combines gel and cream in one product, providing the styling strength of a gel and the nourishment of a cream. Enriched with natural herbs, it comes in three variants:

The Wet Look Wave allows you to create a fresh-out-of-shower look. It is enriched with aloe vera which strengthens strands to make hair more manageable and easy to style. Added with honey, the gel cream moisturizes and conditions the hair to keep it shiny while the aromatic jarjeer or arugula provides the nourishment from roots to tips.

Strong Hold Slick ensures a long-lasting hold while keeping the glossy shine of hair through a combination of lemon, henna and olive. Lemon takes care of the shine, henna coats the strands to provide stronger protection from damage, while olive gives extra gloss and a natural defense against hair fall.

Extreme Hold Spike is enriched with cactus, olive and nettle essences. This variant gives gravity-defying long lasting hold and intense shine, as well as maximum nourishment to protect hair from breakage and hair fall. Cactus provides natural resistance to withstand extreme weather conditions and olive gives extra shine and nourishment to control hair fall, while nettle goes deep into the hair strands to moisturize, strengthen and give extra volume and luster.
Vatika Gel Cream is a one-of-its-kind hair care product that helps you maintain a damage-free and healthy daily do over. This product comes in a 250 ml tub and is alcohol-free.