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-          Announces the entry into the Hair Care Segment-

Kolkata, Sep 04: Ozone Organic Advantage in association with Embelleze Brazil, today announced a nationwide launch of its revolutionary product 'Novex- Nutritious food for hair’. Ozone Organic Advantage, the leader in professional skin care is entering into salon professional hair care segment with this new partnership with Embelleze, Brazil. This new alignment with Embelleze will further strengthen the product offerings of Ozone in India.

Novex is a leading Brazilian hair care brand comprising a range of salon professional products that help rejuvenate damaged hair by reversing the effects of aging, pollution, sun damage and over use of chemicals.

Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Bamboo Sprouts and Wheat Protein, the first phase of the product launch will have innovative professional hair care products for hair treatments. Priced at INR 1200 to 5000, the products will be available in all the leading salons across India.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. S C Sehgal, Chairman  & MD of Ozone Group said "At Ozone Group, we strive to deliver products and services that correct the problem from its roots. In our skin care products, we focus more on sustainable healthy, clear and glowing skin, rather than chemically-treated superficial correction. Our age and skin specific facials are designed to correct specific skin problems in natural ways. Thus, to extend our ecosystem of beauty and wellbeing, Ozone Group brings to you Novex; a range of hair products which include hair treatments, hair spas, shampoos, conditioner etc.  These are designed keeping in mind that today, hair is the most exposed and vulnerable to damage; thus it is important that it is cared for and nourished in the most natural way. Novex is a nutritious deep conditioning system developed to treat hair and restore its shine and smoothness. Its formula is enriched with Vitamin E, a main component for strength and hair growth. When one attempts to correct skin and hair problems through chemicals hoping for instant results, they end up further damaging than correcting the problem. Ozone and Novex collaborate to bring sustainable correction and care by introducing effective and potent products that are formaldehyde-free! "

Francois Pierre Menjoulou - Business Head – Embelleze, further added “There is a complete synergy in the corporate philosophy of brands, to provide the best to customers and celebrate the goodness of life. Nutrilsalon and Novex, the flagship brands of Embelleze, are going to revolutionize the market with the new age professional product range. It is a win- win association for us and for the salon professionals and finally the consumers.

Novex is the best known Brazillian hair care product worldwide. It has a deep conditioning system developed to treat the hair and restore its shine and smoothness. Acting at the cuticle level, it gives hair back its nutrition, aligning the hair cuticles and restoring smoothness to the hair shaft. With Salon professional quality, Novex products are suitable for all hair types and are safe to use.

The Novex hair treatment is available in 4 variants for different level of hair care: Keratin Spa – Gentle Treatment, Bamboo Oil – Moderate Treatment, Argon Oil – Intense Treatment and Olive Oil – Extreme Treatment.

About Ozone Professional Range:

Ozone Professional Range as a brand, launched in 2010 is a part of “Ozone Organic Advantage” which provides age and skin specific treatment with 100% organic enriched active essentials. Based on ancient principles of Ayurveda, Ozone Professional range comprises of products that are pure organic, methodologically researched and developed to ensure wholesome goodness for both skin maintenance as also to revive problems in skin. Their products have the organic advantage to restore and strengthen the skin barrier for healthier, radiant and younger looking skin offering Correction, Enhancement, Healing and Protection for all skin types.

About Embelleze 

Embelleze is one of the largest hair care and beauty companies present in the Brazilian Market since 1969. Embelleze understands women and creates the best beauty solutions for women from all ethnicities with different life styles and different beauty needs. In 2015 Embelleze was considered the 83rd biggest beauty company worldwide listed by Beauty Inc WWD. With 2 brands Novex and Nutrisalon they are entering in the India market

Embelleze offers unique combination of specialized products bringing excellency and efficiency in the Hair Care Salon Professionals category world-wide.

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