Don’t Let Wrinkles Be Your Introduction

~Vichy brings to you LIFTACTIV ADVANCED FILLER- the ultimate Anti- wrinkle Innovation ~

Bangalore, July 2014: Vichy Laboratoires takes anti-ageing skincare to newer heights with Vichy LIFTACTIV ADVANCED FILLER! This anti-wrinkle innovation smoothes & fills deep wrinkles, even vertical ones. The LIFTACTIV ADVANCED FILLER- an addition to the LiftActiv Dermsource Range by Vichy; is perfect for women who do not necessarily wish to undergo injections, but want to rediscover the positive features of a young, calm and relaxed face.

Research suggests that as the skin ages it is prone to two types of wrinkles- Vertical Lines and Horizontal Lines. Horizontal lines are the first signs of ageing and are mainly caused by facial expressions, sun damage, and lack of anti-oxidants in diet. Vertical lines, on the other hand are caused by repeated contraction of certain facial muscles. These can’t be smoothed out even when the face is at rest. These deep set wrinkles are the most difficult to correct. 

Vichy has created LiftActiv Advanced Filler with a blend of Retinol 0.2% and LR2412 2% smoothes and fills deep wrinkles, even vertical ones. Retinol as an active ingredient has been recognized for its anti-ageing properties. LR2412, a patented molecule, completes the action of Retinol against wrinkles. On the surface, it works to make skin smoother, brighter and hydrated. In the deeper layers, it helps smooth and plump out the deepest wrinkles restoring positive expressions in a month.

A study was conducted to understand the efficacy of blend of Retinol and LR2412, versus Retinol alone and versus LR2412 alone on markers of ageing. The results indicate that the association of Retinol and LR2412 has a synergistic effect for superior epidermal and dermal efficacy than Retinol alone or LR2412 alone.
This unique and exclusive combination of [LR2412 (2%) + Retinol (0.2%)] therefore encourages cell renewal in deeper skin layers thereby improving skin’s firmness and density to restore positive facial expressions.  Hyaluronic Acid (0.2%) and Adenosine (0.1%) also provides a wrinkle filling effect.

Ingredient Composition and the key benefits

•         Retinol (0.2%) - Highest concentration of Retinol 0.2% ever (gold standard anti-ageing ingredient used by dermatologists) formulated in a daily care for smoothening of all surface wrinkles
•         LR2412 (2%) - A Jasmonic acid derivative - LR2412 fights against loss of skin density restores skin firmness to get a “new skin” effect
•          Hyaluronic acid (0.2%) – hydrating & wrinkle filling effect
•         Adenosine (0.1%) – action on deeper skin layers for anti-wrinkle effect
•         Vichy Thermal Spa Water – soothing, fortifying & regenerating
•         Glycerine (8%) – moisturizing effect on skin
LiftActiv Advanced Filler’s light, fluid, essence-like texture is a revolution and offers a superior sensoriality even with retinol. The refreshing and ultra-fast absorbing texture is non-greasy and non-sticky. Enriched with pearlescent particles, it gives a truly radiant complexion upon application.
With the new LiftActiv Advanced Filler, Vichy delivers a new dimension of performance, giving a fully transformed skin; replenished, velvety smooth and luminous. So push back the limits of anti-aging care, with reinforced anti-wrinkle and firming efficacy for a long-lasting lifting effect. It is hypoallergenic, paraben free, tested under dermatological control & suitable for sensitive skin.

Application- To be used as a transformation product in the night along with basic skin-care regimen of cleansing and moisturizing. The three step process is:
APPLY: Apply the product locally in the folds of vertical wrinkles (nasolabial folds, below lip corners, frown lines)
ON NASOLABIAL FOLDS: Hold the skin between two fingers and thumb below the fold and then with a firm gliding go up along the temple. Then stretch from fold’s middle (lip corner level) towards the ear. Repeat the whole process three times each side.
ON FROWN LINES: Perform successive pinching from upper nose to forehead’s corner level. Continue a taut gliding from forehead towards temple and repeat the whole process three times each side.
ON UPPER LIP WRINKLES: Start with micro-pinchings with forefingers and thumb perpendicular to wrinkle folds on upper lip and repeat the process three times.
FINAL ASCENDANT SMOOTHING: Spread the product by upward smoothing on face and neck, from inside to outside.

Price- 30ml priced at Rs. 2650/-

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