Pt Vijay Shanker Mehta spells out “Effective Life-Management skills” at Aakriti Nest

Mumbai, 15th July 2014 :

Aakriti Nest in Aakriti eco-city campus organized an enlightening workshop on “effective life and family management  principles.

Hemant Kumar, CMD, Aakriti Group says “The prime objective of this workshop was to educate the Aakriti Group residents about, “how with skillful management, they can make their hustling and bustling lives, happier and blissful. People took time out of their busy schedules and enthusiastically attended the workshop along with their 

Pt Vijay Shanker Mehta  spells out “Effective Life-Management skills” at Aakriti Nest

Pt. Vijay Shanker Mehta has given several lectures on the importance of life-management at various national and international forums and has written more than hundred articles on the same subject. He said that, “ being happy and light-hearted is the essential need of our lives and how while busy in making a living, we miss on some of these precious moments.” He revealed the optimum way of living to the residents, who are about to start the “second-innings” of their lives, so that they can live this phase to the fullest. 

We smile only when it is a requirement of our job i.e. before customers. But the moment we leave office, our smile also disappears. Panditji re-iterated the need for smiling the moment we enter home, the moment we wake up, to our family members, to our friends. Smile, Said panditji, is most of the times all the solution of issues that we face whether as a person or as a professional.

Evidently Aakriti Nest has been built, especially for all those people who want to make the most of their lives even at 50. Residents who participated in the workshop appreciated the initiative taken by Aakriti Nest and found the life-principles mentioned by Panditji, profound and beneficial. 

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