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CareerNet Launches WForce on International Women's Day

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WForce A Powerful, Women-focused Recruitment Initiative by CareerNet

Bangalore, 6th March, 2015: CareerNet Consulting, one of India’s leading recruitment firms has conceptualized WForce, an innovative program to address women diversity at work. CareerNet launches WForce on 8th March 2015, to coincide with International Women’s Day. This is in acknowledgement of the fact that women’s empowerment needs to further extend in a big way at workplaces. WForce is a new-age recruitment initiative which helps connect companies looking at enhancing their equal gender opportunities programs with female job seekers.

The program is centred largely on a customized job portal. This portal helps companies communicate their commitment to diversity and list job openings. While listing the jobs, companies also list women-centric employee amenities and conveniences that make the position attractive for women. Female job seekers can run searches by entering details beyond their profile – in terms of expectations from an employer (eg. on-site crèche, employee transport, work-from-home, etc.) to help identify the openings that work best for them from all perspectives–professionally and on personal preferences. WForce empowers women to be hired in different industries across all levels, providing them with superior opportunities sans boundaries.

Commenting on the launch of WForce, Rishi Das, Co-founder, CareerNet said, “We foresee that the workplace will move increasingly from promoting gender diversity to enabling gender-agnostic recruitment practices – a true meritocracy, where the only recruitment parameters will be the capability and calibre of the individual rather than any other factor”.

Most companies today are looking to enhance gender diversity; although the equation is getting healthy with respect to female population in the workplace, as compared to two decades or even 10 years back. According to surveys by CareerNet, the female population in various industries is on the rise. Some sectors where women have significant representation in the workforce include ITeS (~40%), IT Services (~35%) and Captive BFSI (~35%). This trend can be attributed to the fact that these sectors offer facilities such as employee transport, on-site cafeterias and others which make the work environment convenient for women.

WForce has been designed to address some of the key factors that hamper women employability. Some of these factors are sociological such as general reaction of Indian populace towards the concept of a working woman; familial restrictions on the concept of girls pursuing education beyond a certain point and practical factors like lack of social support systems and infrastructure for childcare; evolving urban infrastructure leading to access becoming a major issue for women with regard to travel to and from the workplace etc.

Through WForce, companies can outline practices which help women address these key challenges. Fresher talent, experienced professionals and those returning after a break will all find WForce to be a powerful resource to identify job opportunities.CareerNet seeks to reinforce its commitment to high calibre recruitment solutions in general and helping companies meet their strategic recruitment objectives – such as gender diversity– in particular.

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