Cinthol had to go offline for its latest online campaign AliveIsOffline

Cinthol had to go offline for its latest online campaign  AliveIsOffline
Cinthol’s latest digital campaign #AliveIsOffline has hit the social media and is already creating waves on the beautiful concept of making a conscious effort of living offline while you travel. The campaign took off with a teaser on twitter and is now reaching millions through a refreshing video which inspires the viewers to take some time off to travel and connect with the world around sans the internet.

The inspirational video immediately strikes an emotional connect and leaves one with a thought of how we are slowly getting strangled by the spider of the thriving World Wide Web. The video transcends the viewers to a forgotten world which can be logged into without a password. It is a wakeup call that urges you to switch to your offline mode once in a while. Weaved in with beautiful lines and picturesque scenes the video is an effective reminder of the breathtaking offline world that should be revisited, it goes something like this:
Visit a world that needs no buffering

Your time is more valuable than your timeline
Live your life, don’t scroll through it
The world is more beautiful than the World Wide Web
Have a conversation without a character limit
A world where you login without a password
Filter your thoughts, not photographs
This thought provoking video plans to tap approximately 4 million minds through YouTube and video ad networks.
Mr. Sunil Kataria, Chief Operating Officer, Sales, Marketing and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, shares, “In a world which is getting sucked into digital and where the youth of today is by default a digital native , this campaign idea of Alive is offline takes the Cinthol brand philosophy of Alive is Awesome forward in a very interesting way. Today we are so addicted to the world of social media that we take pictures only to post them, we check-in before enjoying the beauty around and make conversations only so that they trend. The meaning and beauty of travel to soak in the calm or appreciate a scenic view is lost while we are busy clicking pictures.

#AliveIsOffline is a brilliant effort that urges addicted netizens to take away ‘media’ from ‘social media’ and leave one to only be social, to be social with nature, fellow companions and more importantly, with themselves.”
Apart from the digital video, Cinthol plans to spread this thoughtful philosophy of #AliveIsOffline through online content partners and sought after tweeters. The brand hopes to touch the minds of as many as 10 million viewers through online content experts and Twitter influencer partnerships respectively.

The #AliveIsOffline campaign also plans to reach out to approximately 90million users through quirky and thought starting caller tunes. The brand has tied up with established telecom providers that will allow one to download these simple and straight to the point caller tunes that will definitely ignite the thought of planning a travel and escaping to the real world out there from which we have been missing in action.

The video is the brainchild of Cinthol brand team and Creativeland Asia. Captured amidst the scenic forests, valleys and breathtaking waterfalls of Kerala this digital video is an eye opener and a thought starter.

The unique digital video will inspire several to think and hopefully stick to the offline mode more often.