Godrej HIT ties-up with Mumbai Dabbawallas to sensitize 1 Lakh homes

Godrej HIT ties-up with Mumbai Dabbawallas to sensitize 1 Lakh homes
Godrej HIT ties-up with Mumbai Dabbawallas to sensitize 100,000 homes this world health day

Chennai, 6 April, 2015: HIT is a category leader in aerosol format of home insecticides and commands indomitable market share of more than 80% in aerosol segment. HIT aerosol for cockroaches is popularly known as Lal HIT and is synonymous to aerosol format. HIT is trusted by millions of households for its 100% efficacy in eliminating even the hidden cockroaches.

The sight of cockroaches evokes repulsion and disgust because they look abhorrent but cockroaches are even more dangerous because they spread more than 10 diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, food poisoning and many more to which children are most vulnerable.

Lack of awareness that cockroaches are one of the main causes behind these diseases makes people think that cockroaches are harmless and their presence in the home or kitchen is not perceived to be threatening. The solutions used therefore are ineffective which do not KILL cockroaches hence the threat of disease keeps looming on children and family.

Every year World Health Organization selects a priority area of global public health concerns. This year the theme is food safety wherein WHO is alerting people on the importance of safe food and how to prevent food from getting contaminated. WHO in its safe food manual has identified cockroaches are one of pest that carries disease causing harmful microorganisms and can infest food leading to diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, gastroenteritis and many more.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ajay Dang, EVP Marketing, Home Care, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd, said, “Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) has always focused on making the lives of their consumers brighter and better.

Through Godrej HIT, the leading household-insecticide spray, GCPL has been creating awareness that cockroaches invade our homes from dirty drains & sewer pipes and hide in the corners and crevices of the kitchen which are out of our reach and spread diseases by contaminating food, water, utensils etc.

Supporting the WHO campaign, this world health day HIT has taken a step forward to spread awareness that cockroaches spread diseases by contaminating our food therefore to protect our children and family’s health we need to eliminate the cockroaches from our home and kitchen.

The integrated marketing campaign will reach people across the country through multiple media platforms. In Mumbai to amplify the message GCPL will be associating with the Mumbai Dabbawallas on World Health Day, 7th April to reach out to 100,000 homes to educate people on the threat that cockroaches pose on our children and family’s health by contaminating our food.

Campaign Goal:

Educate consumers that cockroaches spread diseases hence the need to eliminate them with LAL HIT. To achieve this objective HIT will be present across key media touch points like TV, print & digital media on World Health Day.

In Mumbai, HIT is partnering with Dabbawalas to reach out to 100,000 homes to highlight the fact that cockroaches spread diseases by contaminating our food, water and utensils.

Each Dabba will carry a message tag and consumers of Dabbas will get an opportunity to participate in a contest by sending name of disease spread by cockroaches to 9902099020 and win fabulous prizes

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