Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai central organizes various veins screening for police and traffic police

Wockhardt Hospitals at Mumbai Central launched varicose vein clinic. As a part of the launch program, nearly 100 policemen from Mumbai were screened for Varicose Veins problem by Dr Vimal Someshwar,Director Interventional Radiology Department at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai

A 38-year-old Sub-Inspector, Vikas Salunkhe (name changed) had developed ulcers on his legs six months ago. There was swelling and he was in pain. Hehad tried several treatments, but they provided little relief. A detailed diagnosis of his legs revealed that Mr. Salunkhe was suffering from varicose veins, one of the most common venous diseases affecting people whose work involves standing for long hours.

Dr Vimal Someshwar, Director Interventional Radiology Department at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Says “Varicose veins look unsightly, can ruin your self-confidence. But it isn’t easy getting the treatment when many view them as just a cosmetic problemand face difficulty in diagnosing it. According to experts in vascular diseases, five to seven percent of the adult population suffers from severevenous problems in the leg. Ten percent of these patients have varicose veins.”

Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai central organizes various veins screening for police and traffic police

“Varicose veins affect those who work standing for long hours, such as teachers, traffic policemen, sales people and many more. If varicose veins are not treated early, there can be complications such as chronic venous insufficiency. In this disease, the veins become swollen and large, usually due to abnormal vein walls or defective veins. Worldwide, superficial venous disease is more common in women; 20% of women and 10% of men are affected,” said Dr Vimal Someshwar”.

Dr Someshwar added, “Even though the disease is not life-threatening, it can be debilitating if not treated properly. The 15-20% of people who have visible varicose veins is lucky because they can see they have a problem.However, more worrying are the hidden kind of Venous diseases.

The tell-tale signs are legs that ache when you stand but get better when you sit. Many people do neglect not seek treatment for varicose vein. Surgery is often required in many cases, Elaborating on ‘Varicose Vein clinic’ at Wockhardt Hospital, Dr Someshwar, said, “This specialty clinic will provide a complete Varicose Vein treatment program – right from screening to different surgeries to cure the diseased veins. However, for those who do not want to undergo surgery various new treatments for both large and small Varicose Veins are now available. Endo-Venous Laser therapy (ELVT) is a minimally invasive, short procedure requiring local anesthesia with a day care admission and patients can get back to work quickly after the treatment.”