Carrot secrets for hair and skin by pocket news alert

12 August 2015 - Carrots benefits for skin and hair thanks to the abundant amounts of Vitamin A and other antioxidants which protect against various skin problems and help in maintaining skin health. tells you why carrot is good for you

1. Carrots for Glowing Skin:
As Carrots are loaded with  Vitamin C and antioxidants Eating carrots keeps your skin healthy

2. Treatment of Blemishes/Scars:

Carrot juice is very good in getting rid of blemishes and scars.

3. Antiageing Benefits:

Carrots contain Vitamin C which aids collagen production in the body. Collagen is a type of protein that is important for the maintenance of skin elasticity. Carrot help you in wrinkles and locks the process of ageing. Vitamin A, being an antioxidant, also attacks the free radicals to prevent signs of ageing like wrinkles, pigmentation and an uneven skin tone.

4. Sun Protection:
Carrots helps in repairing the skin tissues and provides protection against the sun’s harsh rays.

5. Suitable for Dry Skin:
Deficiency of potassium can lead to dry skin. Carrots are rich in potassium drinking carrot juice can get rid of this problem as well as keep your skin hydrated.

6. Treatment of Skin Ailments:

Carrots are good in cureing of various skin ailments. The antioxidants in this vegetable can treat skin conditions like pimples and acne, rashes, dermatitis and other skin problems caused due to Vitamin A deficiency. But keep in mind not to consume carrots in excess as they can cause your skin to temporarily turn yellowish orange in colour.

7. Healing Qualities:

Carrots are good and great for healing qualities. Raw or grated carrots can be applied to wounds, cuts and inflammation for quick healing. Their anti-inflammatory properties help to revitalize and tone the skin.

Take 2 or 3 fresh grated carrots and add one teaspoon each of raw milk, honey and olive oil. Cleanse your face and apply this. Keep it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off with water. This hydrates the skin leaving it soft and supple.  

To have damage free hair, boil some carrots, blend it, and add some yogurt and a beaten egg. Apply the pack, wash it warm water after an hour and you will find a change.

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