Enoteca by Madhuloka Formally Inaugurates WEAT – India’s First Certified Course on Wine Education, Appreciation and Tasting


WEAT is a course for the general public as well as professionals and recognized by the Karnataka Wine Board

Bangalore, 11th September 2015: The good people of Bangalore love their wine. Over the years, the city has embraced this beverage with open arms. More and more people are keen on understanding its nuances and its journey from grape to wine. Stocking an amazing collection of wines, Enoteca by Madhuloka has decided to take things further with its wine education programs. The latest program to be added to its roster is the Wine Education, Appreciation and Tasting (WEAT), endorsed by the Karnataka Wine Board. This program was formally inaugurated by Shri. Bakkappa Kote, Chairman, Karnataka Wine Board and Dr. Krishna, Managing Director of the Karnataka Wine Board on September 11th, 2015.

Speaking on the introduction of WEAT, Bakkappa Kote, Chairman, Karnataka Wine Board said, “There is a growing appreciation for wine as a beverage. Initiatives such as this one, by Enoteca and the Karnataka Wine Board only help to increase the understanding of wine. There are several health benefits to the moderate consumption of wine and comprehensive courses such as WEAT will help increase awareness.”

Speaking on the broader benefits of this course, Dr. Krishna, Managing Director, Karnataka Wine Board said, “This course will help drive effective sales in the wine industry, since it encourages the growth of wine culture. Karnataka Wine Board and Enoteca are committed to taking this course to other tier 2 cities of the state, thus increasing.

WEAT is a comprehensive course that spans 8 hours. It blends together the science, art and philosophy of wine, going over all the important nuances of the beverage. Participants will taste approximately 15 wines in this course and will be taught to analyze and appreciate wine. Attendees will be provided a handbook or study material and will be awarded a certificate at the end of a short multi-choice question paper. The course is priced at Rs 3600 only per person AI. The first batch will begin on September 20th. Takers for the first batch will be offered a discount of 20%.

The course is designed and will be conducted by Gaurav Thapar, who comes from a wine making background. He received his education and training in wine production from Lincoln University, New Zealand. He is a WSET (LONDON) level 2 holder, having passed it with distinction.

Speaking on Enoteca being the venue for this course, K S Lokesh, MD, Enoteca by Madhuloka says, “Enoteca is an Italian word meaning 'Wine Library'. This is a wine academy with the aim of educating people on wines and wine tasting. All initiated by Madhuloka Liquor Boutique. A perfect classroom setting with a projector and books about wines and food, and with the best wine accessories makes Enoteca an ideal place for tasting sessions and education.”

Speaking on the course, Gaurav Thapar says, “This wine appreciation course is for the wine aficionado as well as for the professionals in the industry. Take-aways from the course include the ability to identify various styles and types of wines available in the market, understand varietals and regions as well. The belief is that at the end of the course, one’s ability to appreciate wine and pair it with food will be greatly enhanced.”

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