Hyderabad, October 1 2015 All India Organisation of Chemists & Druggists (AIOCD) is an apex body of about 8 lac members involved in distribution of medicines across the country.

AIOCD oppose the move of Central Govt. towards regularizing sale of medicines through internet i.e E-Pharmacy in the larger public interest.

AIOCD declared Nationwide Chemist BANDH on Wednesday, 14th October 2015 to attract the attention of Government and concern authorities towards following important issues.

Illegal and sale of medicine in the present provision of Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945
Increase risk of adverse drug reaction (ADR)
Easy opening to entry of Low quality, misbranded& spurious medicines
Big threat of irrational use of medicines
Big threat – of Drug addiction in youth due to easy availability through internet
Economical set back to 8 lac chemists & about 80 lacs workers & their families.
Impact on availability of medicine in rural India
Lack of infrastructure & manpower for good governance

Mr. J. S. Shinde – President - AIOCD further said that,India is the country with 125 crore population, which already facing problems like huge shortage of doctors practicing in modern medicines. Hence doctors in other pathy like homeopathy & Ayurveda are practicing & prescribing drugs falls under allopathy (modern medicine). There are also challenges of huge shortage of man power throughout the country to maintain good governance.

We feel that looking to the various issues & threatening in opening of doors to Internet,E-Pharmacy; country like India just cannot compare with the developed countries and go for changing the law before overcoming the threatenings.

We should also thoroughly study the risk and threats observed by the advanced countries allowed the internet pharmacy having necessary Infrastructure & manpower for good governance.

We also feel that to protect the interest of handful players introduction of pharmacy, will hamper the interest of 8 lacs chemists & 80 lacs workers & their families.

Presently online pharmacy business is going on illegally and Govt. authorities are not taking care or any actions against them for the full proof complaints made by us.

Internet online pharmacies are supplying all the goods like I-pill, MTP kits, anti-depression, codien cough syrups without confirming the authenticity of prescription & patient.

Mr. J.S. Shinde – President – AIOCD told that we have no alternative than to go on strike to protect Health of General Public as well as Interest of our members.