Healthy Eating- Key to control diabetes

November 16, 2015,  18.31 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Mumbai: On World Diabetes Day, 14 November, ‘healthy living’ is this year’s International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organization (WHO) theme. Irregular eating habits, stress, and today’s hectic lifestyle are major reason for type 2 diabetes and form a major aspect in the control of diabetes. Accordingly, the IDF and WHO are promoting ‘healthy eating’ as one of the easiest methods to control diabetes.

With increasing work pressure, stress and a fast-moving lifestyle more than half the population skips meals during the day.  WHO projects that diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death in 2030. Recently the Union Minister of State for power and coal, Piyush Goyal, at a doctor’s gathering stated that we need innovative ideas to create awareness about controlling diabetes. IDF estimates that up to 70% of type 2 diabetes cases could be controlled with the help of appropriate and conscious diet. Proper eating and regular exercise are beneficial for maintaining insulin levels which in turn supports healthy living.

Further commenting on same, Dr. PM Bhujang, President of the Association of Hospitals said: “Diabetes and Hypertension are the most common lifestyle diseases.  The total number of patients is very high and the number is increasing.  In the past two years the number of diabetics in the city has increased by 19%, while hypertension cases grew by 8%. Across the world in urban metros diabetes and hypertension are among the top causes of mortality and morbidity”

Furthermore, Dr. Bhujang recommends “One should not skip breakfast. It is important to make healthy food choices, and eat regularly. Resist eating huge meals once or twice in a day. One should avoid eating junk foods to keep body safe and toxin free.  Some fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants elements that help improve body cell growth. In the same manner, naturally grown foods are high in vitamins and proteins which supply easily absorbable energy and power.  Another important way to maintain healthy living is exercise regularly. Doctors usually recommend that people do aerobic exercises those that make the heart work, such as cycling or jogging”