Bluestone Celebrates Women’s Day with Four Unconventional Achievers

March 08 2016,  23.32 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Bangalore, March 8, 2016: BlueStone, India’s leading online fine jewellery destination celebrates Women’s Day with four extraordinary women who carved a niche for themselves in the most unconventional manner.

BlueStone honors the women of yesterday, who till date are following their passion, through the highs and lows of life. Their struggles and will to achieve are an inspiration for the independent and high-achieving women of today.

We salute these women and celebrate their passion just like your favourite piece of jewellery that is eternally graceful and timeless.

Here are their inspiring stories. You can follow them on our Facebook page as well.

Musical Muse – Mrs. Nagamani

Musical Muse – Mrs. Nagamani

“Never lose hope even in the darkest hour. Find what makes you happy and follow it through.”

Like most women, my youth was dedicated to raising a family. Music was always my meditation but could never be a priority. Life has dealt me many blows, each worse than the previous. First my husband passed away, and then my beloved daughter. To get over the grief, I started to pursue music more seriously, releasing my first album at the age of 60 and second at the age of 70, while I was undergoing chemo. Also I started a venture Roots and Shoots, an herbal oil I make, the formula for which has been passed down by the generations in my family.  Although, my venture gives me a direction and music soothes my soul, it is their memories that keep me alive.

  She Who Knits – Mrs. MadhuMehra
She Who Knits – Mrs. Madhu Mehra

“It’s important to have control over your life; who you are and what you do. That’s what gives you confidence.”

While growing up I have seen my grandmother, mother and aunts happily clicking away their knitting needles every winter. It was almost an obsession. This was how life was back then. So when I had to quit my banking job of two decades to take care of my ailing mom-in-law and husband, I decided to revisit my love for knitting. My hobby became a full-time profession and there has been no looking back. ‘She Who Knits’ is a team where I knit, my daughters and their friends model in my creations and Matt, my son-in-law, takes the photos. With customers from all over the world and countless orders, my success is a result of my family’s love and encouragement.

We, the Pizza Grannies– Mrs.SarasaVasudevan and Mrs Padma Srinivasan

We, the Pizza Grannies– Mrs.SarasaVasudevan and Mrs Padma Srinivasan

“If you think you can, you can; if you think you cannot, you cannot.”

We serve delicious pizza for a cause - to build and run a home for the aged. Through the NSS, we had the opportunity to spend some time at old aged homes, and saw how neglected the elderly were. This is when we thought about building a home for senior citizens. Starting from ground zero, we purchased a plot of land with our savings. The funds from selling Amul cheese pizzas out of a garage store in Richmond town went into the construction of Vishranthi. Today, it is more than a vibrant multi-speciality home for the elderly. It also has an orphanage and vocational training centre for rural women. The pizza business is more successful than ever and continues to fund Vishranthi.

 Love in the 2nd innings – Rashida and Niam

Love in the 2nd innings – Rashida and Niam

“I urge everyone to seek happiness in life, companionship is very vital, there is no joy in being alone.”

During the second year of my law studies, I got married and moved to Bangalore. Life was perfect with my husband and my three children for 11 happy years. Then my husband passed away, leaving me in a sea of despair. It was my mother who gave me the strength to finish my law degree and become the first woman lawyer of the Bohra community in Bangalore. I raised my kids, and until they were settled down, I didn’t even think about finding love again. After my youngest one married, cupid smiled on me a second time. Naim, a widower from our Bohra community proposed marriage. My daughter helped me get rid of my apprehensions and I am very grateful to her for this. My second innings as a married woman has been wonderful, and I am very happy to have found a companion for life.


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