Centre for Health Ecologies and Technology presents Blue Ribbon Art Exhibition and Film Festival

March 01 2016,  19.05 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Bangalore: Globally there are 7000 rare diseases and there are nearly 70 million people with rare diseases in India, which is 1 out of every 20 persons. In Karnataka, the estimate as of February 2014 was  3.7 million.

 Centre for Health Ecologies and Technology presents Blue Ribbon Art Exhibition and Film Festival

 Centre for Health Ecologies and Technology presents Blue Ribbon Art Exhibition and Film Festival

 Centre for Health Ecologies and Technology presents Blue Ribbon Art Exhibition and Film Festival

To generate awareness of rare diseases, the Centre for Health Ecologies and Technology (CHET) at the International Institute of Art, Culture and Democracy (IIACD), Bangalore is organizing the Blue Ribbon Art Exhibition and Film festival under its Autism and Rare Diseases Awareness (ARDA) outreach programme.  ARDA aims to sensitize communities on rare diseases through various forms of art, films and other creative media and through workshops and exhibitions.

The curators, designers and other organizers of the Blue Ribbon Art Exhibition and Film Festival at CHET were inspired by the Global Genes Project’s Blue Denim Ribbon which is universally worn on Global Rare Diseases Day, celebrated on the last day of February every year, as a symbol of hope for people fighting rare diseases and to help raise awareness. This is the first art exhibition and film festival in India focusing on rare diseases and we aim to make it an annual event.

This art exhibition curated by Contemporary Artist Ranjana Ramchander at CHET showcases the creative artworks of children and young adults most of whom are aged 20 and below with rare diseases. It aims to move beyond creating awareness to generating hope. The artworks by children below 16 and young adults with Thalassemia, Hemophilia, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PID) and other rare diseases were obtained by the ARDA team through the following rare disease patient advocacy associations in Bangalore: Hemophilia Society-Bangalore Chapter, Thalassemia Society of Karnataka, Dystrophy Annihilation Research Trust (DART) and Rotary-TTK Blood Bank. A few artworks of children with Autism and other special needs from Shri Sajjan Rao Vidya Samsthe, Bangalore were also selected for this exhibition.

Eminent Artist Balan Nambiar who reviewed and prepared an insightful and sensitive comment on the exhibited artworks states:

“With some exceptions, almost all works are done by those who are in the age between six and sixteen or by those who are older but their mindset is still younger.  Most of them used brilliant colours and bold lines which reveals their passion in delineating their feeling, either by intuition or by intention. “

The Blue Ribbon Film Festival curated by Dr Namitha A Kumar with award winning films such as “The Indomitable Spirit” by Maya Chandra and “Extraordinary Measures” by Tom Vaughan provides an introduction to rare diseases such as Hemophilia, Thalassemia, DMD and Pompe disease. The films capture not just the pain, trials and tribulations but also the joys, victories and future hopes of people with rare diseases and their families. The larger goal of the Blue Ribbon Art Exhibition and Film Festival on rare diseases is to communicate the diversity and beauty in the lives of people with rare diseases.

This event at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore was inaugurated by Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, CMD of Biocon and Dr. Usha Kini, Professor of Pathology, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, whose research is focused on Hirschsprung disease, will deliver the keynote. The Research and Treatment session provides rare disease research and clinical treatment updates. The Sharing session moderated by Dr. Vikas Sharma, CMO or Quintiles India includes caregivers, care providers and people with rare diseases. This session provides a platform for people with rare diseases to express their concerns and needs and to receive a response from government agencies.

About CHET

The Centre for Health Ecologies and Technology (CHET) founded in 2009 is an interdisciplinary centre of the International Institute for Art, Culture and Democracy.
The key areas of research and practice at CHET include:
Medical Humanities and Biomedical Ethics (MHBE)
Public Health Research, Policy and Practice
Digital Health
Autism and Rare Diseases/Disorders Awareness (ARDA)
Integrated Healthcare Communication Hub (IHC Hub)

CHET’s goal is to humanize healthcare and democratize healthcare policy and practices in India. Our health humanities specialists closely work with clinicians, patient communities and caregivers to facilitate better communication and meaningful connections towards empowering patients and caregivers. Our bioethicists and instructional design team work closely with healthcare practitioners, educators and patient communities in co- designing and implementing CMEs that inform and sensitize doctors and other healthcare providers. We create insightful research-based, empathetic and creative integrated healthcare communications for government agencies, private sector and not-for profits in the health and healthcare sector. We design and implement informative and easy-to-comprehend health literacy material in print and digital media for health literacy programs, campaign and events. We collaborate with patient advocacy groups, government agencies, CSR teams of healthcare- related companies, foundations, poets, writers, visual and performing artists, animators, designers, filmmakers to help generate awareness of autism and rare/neglected diseases. We offer strategic social marketing expertise to bring about positive behavioral changes in health choices.