Diabetes : Five Things You Might Not Know About it

Diabetes : Five Things You Might Not Know About it

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolic system of our body or the way our bodies use digested food for growth and energy. It cant be cured but diabetes can be controlled or managed to stay healthy. Pocketnewsalert.com tells you Five Things You Might Not Know About Diabetes

Goes unnoticed :

one third of the people who have diabetes do not know they have diabetes. As the signs of diabetes are not that evident it becomes difficult for an individual to know if he has diabetes without going for a blood test.

Major Cause of Blindness :

Diabetes is one of the major causes of blindness in adults. Overtime diabetes damages the retina, the layer behind the eye that captures images and sends signals to the brain, which leads to blindness in adults with diabetes

Risk of Heart Disease :

Diabetics are twice as likely to have a heart disease than someone without diabetes. Diabetes and hyper tension go hand in hand and hyper tension is the main reason for heart diseases.

No different Meal Plan :

A diabetic meal plan is not anything different than any other healthy diet plan. Any healthy meal is a good meal for diabetics.

Avoid the Risk :

If you are at risk, Diabetes can be avoided by keeping a watch on your weight and taking part in moderate physical activities for 30 mins a day

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