How to keep your make-up items safe this monsoon

How to keep your make-up items safe this monsoon

As monsoon is set to start, the humidity in the air increases. Its time to keep your make up items safe from this humidity and dampness. Cyriac Fernandes editor of Pocket News Alert and an expert beautician who has a beauty salon in Galgibaga, Goa lists a few step she takes to keep her make up items safe from humidity and dampness during monsoons.

Store your make up well :

Make sure to store all your make up items in a dry and airy place to keep them away from the humidity during the monsoons. Specially powder based make up items like compact, eye shadows etc.

Make sure to seal it :

During monsoon make sure you close and seal all your make up items tightly after every use so that the make up products are not affected by the humidity during monsoons. It prevents the make up from getting dampened which might affect the quality of the products.

Use a zip pouch :

As rains are uncertain always While traveling make sure to carry your makeup in a waterproof zip pouch this monsoon. Always store your make up brushes in a zip pouch as they can lose their shape if they are not kept dry.

Keep it dry, by blowing it dry :

After all the efforts you make to keep your mmake dry still for some reason it gets wet, then dont panic. Use a blow dryer to dry the product but do not over do it as it will affect the quality of the product.

Check the condition :

Very important tip is to check the condition of your make up item before every use. as dampening can mingle with environmental bacteria and make these products cause infections and allergy when applied to the skin. If in case the product smells foul make sure you do not use it.

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