CMRIT - Sherpify MOU Signed for Campus Incubator

Bangalore, 5 July, 2016: CMR Institute of Technology and Bangalore-based Sherpify have signed an MOU to set up the CMRIT-Sherpify Incubator. The Incubation Center is a first-of-its kind facility that provides access to the labs, faculty, and library of the institute and also a unique Maker Space right on the campus to build prototypes. CMRIT and Sherpify believe that in today’s hyper competitive world, it is essential for students to build their entrepreneurial skills while in college.

CMRIT - Sherpify MOU Signed for Campus Incubator

Much as any college is incomplete without a library, gym and a canteen, an incubation center that motivates – nurtures - celebrates student initiatives in entrepreneurship is an essential element in providing a well rounded educational experience. The Incubator hopes to create the entire ecosystem that a budding entrepreneur needs: right from resources such as physical space, labs, and research facilities to the industry connections, market validation, go-to market strategies and the chance to meet investors that the Sherpify Mentoring platform can provide.

"I am very excited by seeing the enthusiasm and hard work of our student entrepreneurs to utilize the facilities and mentoring available in our incubation centre. This first of its kind incubation center helps provide additional skills and experiences to students that they cannot get in a class room They are on the right track to realize their dreams by imbibing technical, creative and as well as business skills." said, Dr. Sanjay Chitnis, Principal, CMRIT.

The first batch of aspiring entrepreneurs from the community of CMRIT students, alumni and faculty are ready to launch and new members are being inducted continually. The first batch of ideas for the CMRIT-Sherpify Incubation Center provides an exciting testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of the students and faculty. The aspiring entrepreneurs were selected after a rigorous process and are ready to launch businesses ranging from an auto irrigation system to helping farmers optimise the use of water, a first of its kind affordable vegan food service, a battery powered high-performance bike, a versatile electronic circuit for school students to get hands-on experience building solutions, and pervious concrete to allow rain water to flow down to replenish the ground water.

"Globally, there is an explosive growth in entrepreneurship and Sherpify strongly believes that young students of today can, and should, be a part of this growth. The CMRIT-Sherpify Incubation Centre has been started with this goal in mind - to provide students an environment that motivates, nurtures and celebrates student initiative and is an essential element in creating a well-rounded educational experience.  Hopefully, we will see the next 'unicorn' emerge from this group right here in Bengaluru” said, Sanjeev Sukumaran Co-Founder of Sherpify

About CMRIT: CMR Institute of Technology imparts quality, pragmatic education in engineering and management to help students hone their analytical abilities and develop their creative thinking skills. CMRIT is committed to promoting technical education as a catalyst to the growth and development of the country and society at large.

About Sherpify: Sherpify is a unique mentoring platform that helps students articulate and achieve their aspirations. The founders and advisors of Sherpify who are from some of the best institutions including London School of Business, Harvard, Tufts, IITs, IIMs, bring best practices, international work experience, and vast industry connections to deliver enduring student success.