On World Continence Week, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahmedabad says, Urinary Incontinence (leakage) is Curable at any Age

·         Urinary incontinence is more prevalent in women than in men, and can occur at any age

·         It is a debilitating disorder, wherein a person loses control over the bladder, causing leakage

Ahmedabad, 3 July 2016: On the observation of World Continence Week, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahmedabad, organized sessions and camp to educate women about urinary incontinence. The efforts by the hospital intended to create awareness about the fact that urinary incontinence is common and curable at any age.

On World Continence Week, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahmedabad says, Urinary Incontinence (leakage) is Curable at any Age

From menstrual disorders and menopause, to urinary tract infection and pelvic organ function disorder, women face multiple health issues during and beyond their reproductive periods. Along with all of these, there is also urinary incontinence, the problem of urine leakage due to the lack of bladder control.

A debilitating urological problem, urinary incontinence affects a large number of people in India and can throw life completely off track. Besides the embarrassment it causes, it also makes one unable to undertake journeys, confining people to the indoors. Urinary incontinence can occur to anyone, at any age, however, it is more prevalent in women due to variety of reasons.

“Urinary incontinence is a common problem. Although, the risk increases with age, due to the natural weakening of muscles, it can occur any age. There are a number of reasons for urinary incontinence, ranging from childbirth and menopause to neurologic injury, birth defects, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and physical problems associated with aging. However, it is important to understand that it is a medical problem which affects person’s quality of life and can be treated, irrespective of the age,” said Dr Nita Thakre, consultant Gynecologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahemdabad

World Continence Week is observed to create public awareness about incontinence-related issues. While the week is observed from 20th to 26 June worldwide, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahmedabad has extended the camp for another 15 days. The extension is intended to encourage people to visit doctors and get treatment.

“Urinary incontinence causes embarrassment. Despite it, many people are shy to visit the doctor, especially in the case of women. Therefore, we took the initiative to extend the camp on urinary incontinence to encourage and invite more women. The camp have interactive programs, and short lectures informing women about urinary incontinence. We are also offering consultation at discounted rates to encourage more people to acknowledge the problem and come to us and talk about it. It is important for women to know that urinary incontinence is curable at any age, either by simple exercises, medication, or a small procedure. The quality of life itself changes once this is done,” added Dr. Thakre.

Giving examples of patients with UI treated so far, Dr. Thakre says, “We had an 86 year-old who was suffering from mixed incontinence (overactive bladder as well as loss of ligament support in the area). Initially we treated her with medicines, but later we saw that she needed an operation too. She underwent TVT sling surgery at 86 years of age and today, she is living a healthy life.  Similarly, we also has a 26-year-old woman who suffered from a leakage every time she exercised. Being health conscious, she opted for an operation so that she could continue with her gym regime.”

It is important to understand that, although, it is not life-threatening, urinary incontinence can be major disruption in life. Since the issue is curable, people are advised to consult an Urogynaecologist immediately for treatment.

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