Savera Digital India & Thermaltake showcases its Cool Innovations in Event ‘Beat the Heat with Thermaltake’

The event held in Mumbai attracted over 100+ Partners, Bloggers, Retailers and Modders

 MUMBAI, India – July 18, 2016 – After the successful ‘Gamers Mania’ event in Delhi, Savera Digital India one of the leading and fastest growing IT distribution house in India, successfully conducts event ‘Beat the Heat with Thermaltake’ in Mumbai. Co-organized with Thermaltake, the event offered a glimpse into innovative range of gaming PC cabinets, power supplies, cooling products as well as bTTE Sports accessories.

Savera Digital India & Thermaltake showcases its Cool Innovations in Event ‘Beat the Heat with Thermaltake’

Savera Digital India & Thermaltake showcases its Cool Innovations in Event ‘Beat the Heat with Thermaltake’

According to recent research by DFC Intelligence, PC gaming business will become the single largest part of the industry at $37 billion by 2019, up 35 percent from $28 billion in 2015. Overall global PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2015 were $71.9 million according to the recent IDC report; this represents a drop of as much as 10.6 percent year-on-year. While overall PC sales might be down though, high-end desktops and laptops for gaming are doing better than ever. Also, the recent announcement of 6 point agenda by PM of India at US congress includes increasing broadband connectivity across the country, which will open new opportunities and market for gaming industry in near future.

“A major driver in this segment is not just software but also hardware. The growing popularity of eSports and VR is driving enthusiasts to opt for high end components. eSports globally has turned out to be a multi-billion dollar industry and professional gaming is growing bigger. Multiple career opportunities in this industry are also drawing younger crowd towards this,” said Pinaki S Dhara, Vice President – Sales & Marketing at Savera Digital India. “The industry is nothing without innovation and advancement in the product line ups which different brands offer. Known for its creativity and innovation, Thermaltake has been addressing different needs by leading the industries of PC DIY and professional gaming gears. It is our pleasure to re-launch Thermaltake and introduce them to our network in India.”

Nil Bhowmik, Country Head – Sales & Marketing at Thermaltake India said “We are delighted to have Savera as our distributor; with Savera we also ensure that, we will be able to bring all the new technology for eSports here in India to serve this community better. Thermaltake  always trust on quality & performance , the best products we commit to deliver which is really a value for the money  to the users.”

The reach of Thermaltake in  India is powered by Savera Digital India, and plays an indispensable role in creating a distribution network for Thermaltake. With the aim of delivering the perfect user experience, company had displayed many of its top notch products such as Core P5 ATX Wall-Mount Chassis, Smart DPS G Gold Power Supply, and many more. By such events and support to gaming enthusiasts, Savera continues to demonstrate its commitment to serve gaming community in India

Kenneth Chang, Sales & Marketing at Thermaltake HQ said “It’s been the perfect moment for Thermaltake to line up the best of our product portfolio with Savera Digital to full-fill demands from upcoming eSports trend in India. Yet we are also bringing modding platforms and communities where Indians can have more opportunities to represent themselves in global events.”

Lalit Mehta, Orno Computer said “We are absolutely overwhelmed to see the exiting range of Thermaltake Products specially the DIY LCS.”

“Being an e-tail partner this event has given me a right platform in understanding the wide line up of Thermaltake which will definitely give further boost in terms of augmenting my product portfolio for the ever growing online buyers.” said Mr Viral Dixit, Vantage Solution

About Thermaltake

Started from the Passion with the DIY (Do It Yourself) concepts and the desires to “Delivering the perfect user experience” Thermaltake Technology was established in November, 1999 and has been market to the world with “Thermaltake” brand name ever since. To achieve greatness, Thermaltake has the courage to explore and experiment on new possibilities, especially with excellent technical expertise and integration skill which makes Thermaltake the authority in the market. For more info visit

About Savera Digital India Pvt Ltd 

Savera Digital India is one of the fastest growing IT distribution house in India. The company is engaged in distribution of various types of IT products, and is a key distribution market player with a nationwide reach, robust product portfolio and superior service in India. Formed as a local company in 2004, Savera continues its evolution today by striving for excellence with its products and services. From a humble beginning as a hardware dealer and service organization, Savera experienced significant growth by achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and staying on top of the technology curve.