Indus Net Technologies in partnership with E-Cube Energy launches ‘Motor Tool’ a web based application for efficient management of energy resources

An innovative IoT enabled web based application using Big Data & Technology to  enable industries to optimize energy cost through performance enhancement of Electric Motors & Motor Driven Systems (EMDS) and thereby reducing overall energy footprint

Features of Motor Tool 
ü Cloud Based analytics platform
ü Based on Intelligent Algorithms tested on more than 5000 Motors
ü Provides system generated actionable insights
ü Profiling/ Process of Cycle Assessments
ü Connect with existing data aggregation/ IoT devices
ü Its Faster,Better & cheaper

Chandigarh, August 2nd  2016: Globally 300 million Electric Motors are being used in Industries resulting in consumption of 60% electricity across Electric Motor Driven Systems (EMDS). Moreover, 30 plus million Motors get added every year. As per International Energy Association (IEA) report there exists a cost effective potential to increase efficiency of motor driven systems by around 20%. Conventionally, finding operational efficiency or performance parameters of electric motors has been difficult and could only be done on test benches. Overcoming this barrier would provide an excellent opportunity to explore the energy efficiency improvement potential.

Indus Net Technologies in partnership with E-Cube Energy launches ‘Motor Tool’ a web based application for efficient management of energy resources

In order to combat the above problem, Indus Net Technologies in partnership with E-Cube Energy have developed Motor Tool, an innovative web based application using big data and technology for efficient management of industrial energy utilization. Motor Tool will be launched in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia in the coming 3-6 months.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Abhishek Rungta, CEO, Indus Net Technologies said, “We are happy to develop and launch Motor Tool an innovative SaaS product that will play an instrumental role in addressing energy efficiency improvement potential across Electric Motor Driven Systems. Motor Tool will provide automated insights on the operational performance of Motors/ Motor Driven Systems through its integral intelligent algorithm system.  It will help the evaluation experts and the decision makers to reconcile the benefits and cost assessment of energy saving.”

The prospective user base of Motor Tool would include Industries, Consultants, OEMs, Energy Auditors, ESCOs. One of the potential client is India Power Corporation Limited (formerly known as DPSC Limited) has signed up to use Motor Tool across industries in its licensed area in Asansol, West Bengal. Based on the result and success of the pilot project, India Power intends to take the offering to the next level and explore DSM programmes.

Motor Tool is one of a kind energy management mechanism that can ensure the systematic assessment, analysis and prepare report on the performance and energy consumption of motor or motor driven systems in industry.  The main objective of Motor Tool is to enable the industries to make decisions which will help in Improving the Energy Efficiency of Electric Motor Driven Systems (EMDS). Some benefits attributed to the implementation of energy efficiency measures are energy affordability, industrial productivity, improved asset values and less environmental damage through less carbon emission.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Umesh Bhutoria, E-Cube Energy commented, “Motor Tool is an effective approach of managing and improving energy efficiency in industry. Globally there is a huge opportunity to improve the energy efficiency in the industrial sector. It is an effective medium to equip companies with practices and procedures to make improvements and capture new opportunities to enhance technical performance of electric motor driven systems. Motor Tool possesses the ability to bridge the gap and, allowing industries, consultants to explore the potential of improving energy efficiency.”

Mr. Shuvendu Bose, Executive Director, Ernst & Young said, “Energy Efficiency in today’s context is extremely important, people consider it to be the First Fuel .It helps improves economic competitiveness, energy security and environment sustainability. It is also critical to address the issue of reduction of carbon emissions from the industrial sector to tackle the ill effects of climate change globally. The introduction of Motor Tool marks a milestone by simplifying the way Industries can foster energy efficiency investments thereby reducing overall energy/carbon foot print of the industrial sector.

 Mr. Balawant Joshi, Managing Director, IDAM Infrastructure Advisory said, “In today’s world every industry is being transformed by implementation of smarter technologies. There is a need to focus on technological options for improving energy efficiency in the industrial sector.  Industrial energy efficiency can be greatly enhanced by effective management of the energy use of operations and processes. Methodical practices provide such frameworks to manage and save energy and thereby promoting cost optimization.”

About Indus Net Technologies: Indus Net Technologies, an ISO 9001-2008 company, is a premier Internet Consulting company offering diverse IT services and solutions to organizations around the world. The customized services offered to various clienteles are a combination of creativity and technology. It has offices in more than five global locations and caters to a wide range of enterprise clients, digital agencies and emerging companies across various industry verticals like BFSI, MPE, Travel & hospitality, Education, e-governance in over 40 countries.

About E Cube Energy:

E-Cube Energy has emerged as “Thought Leader” around the subject of using Energy Analytics in Industries/SMEs to accelerate energy efficiency/productivity investments. E-Cube Energy through its products and solutions helps industries/utilities get started with their Energy Data Strategy and transition to Faster, Better and Cheaper way of assessing, reporting and managing Energy Performance. Company has developed EnView, its flagship Cloud Based Energy Analytics Platform for sectors like Textiles and Foundry. Over 40+ industries have used EnView over the last couple of years.