This Raksha Bandhan go the traditional route with home-made desserts from Gits

Strengthen the sweet bond with your brother by treating him with his favorite sweets made by you

Mumbai, 9th August 2016:  In today’s modernized world, the essence of Indian culture is slowly being replaced by the penetrating western element. The meaning of Indian festivals has changed as compared to the earlier days. There is a paradigm shift wherein we are slowly moving away from our traditional ways and more towards the modern way of celebrations. To reminisce our cultural integrity Gits urges women to make their bhaiya’s favourite mithai with their own hands on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the chaste bond between a brother and sister the traditional way!
Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the chaste bond between a brother and sister the traditional way with gits food

To make this Raksha Bandhan memorable deviate from the ‘modern’ ways of celebration by buying a box of sweets or chocolates instead take that little extra effort to prepare some home-cooked desserts specially for your brother. Thinking how to make those perfect Gulab Jamun’s for your bhaiya? Don’t worry Gits brings its festive range that includes Indian perennial favourites such as Gulab Jamun, Jilebi and Rabdi which can be prepared in 3 easy steps. There are a host of traditional delicacies that can be relished during the festival in turn making the occasion even more enjoyable.
Forget going to the sweet shop for getting ready-made sweets, instead treat your brothers ‘sweet tooth’ by indulging in variety of desserts that you can be proud of preparing. Just surprise your brother and do what he never expected you to even try, be innovative with food and create fusion recipes that will make him ask for more.  You can visit the Gits website to browse through recipe video channel Gits-Set-Go which has celebrity chefs such as MasterChef India winner Pankaj Bhadouria curating innovative recipes with Gits mixes.

Listed below are a few innovative and easy to prepare dessert recipes you can try-

1) Gits Gulab Jamun with Fruit Cream - 

Prepare Gits Gulab Jamun in 3 Easy Steps
1. Mix and Shape
2. Fry
3. Soak in Sugar Syrup
Take some fresh cream in a bowl and whip it properly. Add some fresh fruits as per your choice. Put the fresh cream with fruits in serving bowls and add a Gits Gulab Jamun on top. Garnish with mint leaves and serve.

2) Gits Jilebi and Gits Rabdi with Rose Flavoured Whipped Cream -

Prepare Gits Jilebi in 3 Easy Steps
1. Mix with water

3. Soak in Sugar Syrup

Prepare Gits Rabdi in 3 Easy Steps
3. Serve

Take a spoonful of Gits Rabdi and spread it on a serving plate as a base. Pile the Gits Jilebi on top of this base of Gits Rabdi and top it with Rose Flavoured Whipped Cream.

Decorate with Rose Petals and Serve.

Three easy steps and you can be innovative to your hearts extent. So go out and prepare something unique, special and sweet that will surely win your brothers heart this Raksha Bandhan.

Gits dessert mixes have no preservatives or artificial flavours keeping the health quotient intact. One can try making these tempting deserts that have variety, taste, and do not require much time for cooking.