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Top 5 reasons why India needs its Shark Tank? Are we ready for it though?

India 13 August 2016: While the country witnesses the rise and fall of startups, there is nothing that could stop the aspiring entrepreneurs to give it a shot and seek their seed!

Here are top five reasons why India needs its Shark Tank!

Top 5 reasons why India needs its Shark Tank? Are we ready for it though?

A) India’s Got Talent: No one doubts the fact that India can truly surpass the innovation happening at the Silicon Valley. But what is really stopping us from getting there? We can’t say that a show like Shark Tank will wave a magic wand and India will rise… but we have to start somewhere and a platform like this will truly give that perfect start! We’ve got ideas, passion, vision which we really want to take it to next level!

B) A platform for household & rural ventures: Major innovation is happening in households & rural areas. It is time we give them a platform where dreams of people who would otherwise never think of something big can get a chance which would change their lives!

C) Ideas need wings: Ideas make it large when there are funds to test them in real life. In order to give inspiring ideas their wings, a platform like The Vault which is an upcoming on-the-spot funding platform would be ideal.

D) Investors/ Incubators, Co-working Platforms and Big ideas all under one roof: What more would an aspiring entrepreneur want that having all the factors to materialise her/his startup dream are available under one roof.  Desi Shark Tank is something which could make this happen.

E) Reality Check is important: While we leave behind Silicon Valley and emerge as the hub of innovative, creative start-ups, some ideas would be worth giving a reality check so that we don’t witness fall of startup ecosystem. Feedback is necessary!