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ClaimVasooli helps you to Claim your lawful rights!

Mumbai, 28 September 2016: We know how insurance companies try to avoid paying claims on flimsy grounds. Paresh Rawal-starrer Oh my God shows how the policy wordings, Act of God, were effectively used by insurance companies to deny a claim arising out of an earthquake.

ClaimVasooli helps you to Claim your lawful rights!

Here comes, a first-of-it-kind venture which helps the insured claim their lawful insurance policy claims that are denied by insurance companies using unfair tactics. Founded by insurance veteran and entrepreneur Mr. Pushkaraj Shete, ClaimVasooli seeks to fight against erring insurance companies which fail to honour lawful claims.

Pushkaraj Shete explains the rationale behind the idea: “Our sole motto is - If you are right, we will fight with all our might. With a lot of insurance policies being sold directly by insurance companies via online and offline mode there is a pressing need for an intermediary to honour claims. As per IRDA website data, policy holders face a lot of claims-related grievances. Every day I come across several cases of insurance claims being rejected by insurance companies. Such claims are genuinely payable but are stuck due to policy holders’ inability to pursue. So I thought of launching a dedicated platform to serve this aggrieved class.”

Founded a year ago to fill the gap between insurance companies and claimer, the start-up helped around 300 such claimer across 30 geographical areas in India.

Majority of insurance claims remain stuck with insurers on account of policy wordings’ fine prints, improper documentation, inappropriate presentation of claims, irregular follow ups, etc. Many times the policyholder does not protest and appeal against the insurance company for rejecting their rightful claim due to paucity of time, litigation costs involved, and lack of awareness about their rights to appeal.

ClaimVasooli takes up such genuine cases of rightful claims being denied by insurance companies citing one reason or the other. Recently, ClaimVasooli resolved the case relating to one Mehta. “My health insurance claim was turned down by an insurance company. As an individual I had a limitation to litigate and appeal against the giant insurance company. Someone told me about ClaimVasooli and I approached them.”

Mehta’s health insurance had covered his 75-year-old mother, who was a cancer patient. But the claim was rejected by the insurance company citing a previous health condition. ClaimVasooli took up this case with the insurance company and after due process the full claim was paid to her.

“Not all cases are payable. We examine the authenticity of claims before proceeding. If we find merit in the case, we shall do everything what it takes to resolve the claim. Many times we go up to the level of litigation at ombudsman, consumer courts, etc. I charge a small fee to cover my costs after the insurance company pays the claim proceeds.” adds Pushkaraj.

In addition to the specialist in-house team, ClaimVasooli has an advisory board of insurance veterans such as Mariette Nazareth, Kamlesh Kharade, and Suraj Saraogi who oversee complex matters of claim.

ClaimVasooli currently handles cases relating to non-life insurance matters only. On including life insurance, Pushkaraj said: “Insurance is a technical subject and we understand non-life insurance such as motor, health, travel, fire, etc. We don’t want to advice on matters we don’t understand.”