Watch Television’s Biggest shows, ‘Along with the US’, only on Zee Café

The channel brings the Indian Television Premiere of 5 new shows, 26th September onwards

India 22 September 2016: The No. 1 English entertainment channel has always endeavored to bring the best and before the rest to their audience. Keeping in with this brand promise, the channel is set to premiere five – of America’s biggest shows ‘Along with the US’ starting 26th September. Not only will these be the biggest titles but they will be showcased within just 12 hours of the US premiere.

Watch Television’s Biggest shows, ‘Along with the US’, only on Zee Café

With a platter of varied content and clutter breaking formats, Zee Café has pioneered many firsts in English Entertainment. From introducing binge watching to bringing uncensored content on Indian TV for the first time, the channel has always revolutionized English entertainment viewing for the audience. And now living up to its promise of being trendsetters, Zee Café is airing 5 popular shows every weeknight - on the same day of its US premiere.

Join Detective Andrea Cornell in her quest as she investigates the death of Kate Warner whose prime suspect is Kate’s husband, Eric. Watch the 1 hour premiere of mystery anthology TV Series, ‘Secret and Lies S2’ on 26th September, 10pm onwards. Next comes “Gotham S3” premiering on 27th September at 10pm with a 2 hour special premiere. This season dwells on the realignment of villainous alliances shaking up the fight for power in Gotham City.

On 29th September, premieres Lethal Weapon with a 2 hour special, 10pm onwards. Based on the hit movie franchise of the same name, the show chronicles the story of a classic cop duo Riggs and Murtaugh, who work in the crime-ridden beat in modern-day Los Angeles.

And finally comes the 10th season of Zee Café’s flagship franchise, Primetime Emmy and The Golden Globe award winning show “The Big Bang Theory” premiering on 30th September at 10 PM. This season takes ahead the story of our much-loved masterminds – Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard as they take into newer adventures scaling up the fun.

Speaking on this, Ali Zaidi, Business Head, Zee English Cluster said, “It has always been our principle intention to enthrall our audiences with the best in English entertainment. This time we are taking a leap ahead as we are not just premiering America’s biggest titles but are also showcasing them within hours of their US premiere. Shows like The Big Bang theory, Gotham, Supergirl have helped us gain viewership and this time also we will surely receive a positive feedback from the audience”.

If you are amongst those who like to catch up with the previous installments before heading on to the new one, Zee Café is also the place to be this month. Before we head to Season 2 of the popular superhero fiction TV series, “Supergirl” in October, the channel once again brings to you Season 1 on 24th & 25th September, 1 PM onwards.