Adawna presents “The Hidden Door”

India 04 October 2016: Renowned jewellery designer Ms. Sonal Sahrawat presents “The Hidden Door”, Designer Enclave at the Easel Art Gallery, Juhu, Mumbai

“Adawna”, is a semi-precious jewellery brand that exhibit contemporary essence of jewellery and fascinating designs worth to be embraced. Sonal Sahrawat, the Creative Head of Adawna & Sonal’s Bijoux presents “The Hidden Door” which is her attempt to bring together a group of distinguished lifestyle exhibitors. Exhibiting unique products and services, this exhibition will give patrons a chance to buy their exclusive offerings. The Hidden Door, backed by the social network and experience of Sonal Sahrawat, is sure to be rocking affair.

Explore the opportunity this festive season to experience “The Designer Enclave”, which presents plethora of designer options to explore under one roof.

About Ms Sonal Sahrawat:

Born with a creative bend of mind, Sonal's relationship with jewellery is an intimate one. Sonal knew right from the outset that she wanted to be an artist, to create something beautiful. And when she signed up for a course in Jewellery designing, she knew that she had found her calling. After graduating from college, Sonal worked at her alma-mater in the capacity of a teacher, imparting the knowledge she had gained. Later, she joined the Lakhi group as a merchandiser.

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