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India Gadgetz Expo (IGE) 2016 Kicks Off Today

 3rd Edition of India’s Biggest Consumer Tech Expo themed “Future is Here”

 Bengaluru, October 14, 2016: Since its successful debut in 2014, India Gadgetz Expo (IGE), India’s biggest consumer tech event, has become the single biggest consumer tech show in the country. Founded as an initiative to promote innovation and showcase futuristic technologies, IGE is a prime consumer tech event in India with participation and attendance from Indian and global brands and startups. Now, IGE is back for its 3rd edition at the KTPO Exhibition Centre, Whitefield, Bengaluru from October 14th-16th, 2016. IGE 2016 promises to host a vast audience consisting of established industry leaders, hardware startups which are supported by the Government of Karnataka and the general public. The central theme of IGE 2016 is the “Future is Here”.

India Gadgetz Expo (IGE) 2016 Kicks Off Today

India Gadgetz Expo (IGE) 2016 Kicks Off Today

 The inaugural ceremony was kicked off by delegates from the Government of Karnataka including Shri Santosh Laad - Hon’ble Labor Minister of Karnataka, Shri Anil Laad - Karnataka Congress MLA, Shri R K Srivastava - Managing Director, KEONICS and Ajitabh M Jerath, Regional Director, Gionee. The Hon’ble Labor Minister of Karnataka, Shri Santosh Laad, then spoke about the importance of tech innovations and the emergence of tech startups and the role they play in the development of the economy.  

Shri Santosh Laad, Hon’ble Labor Minister of Karnataka said – “We are very happy that this year’s IGE is being held at Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. Long recognized as the hub of technological innovations in the country, Bengaluru is the perfect city to see the positive effects that technology has in the daily lives of people. Our Government strongly promotes startups and technological expertise, and events such as IGE are the perfect place for all industry players to meet. It gives an excellent platform for future innovations and investments in the industry and improves everyone’s daily lives.”

The team behind IGE 2016 also gave a brief insight into what to expect at the 3-day event and an overview of the activities planned.

India Gadgetz Expo 2016:  

There are more than 200 brands that will be participating at this year’s edition of IGE and keeping in line with the theme “Future is Here” they will be showcasing their latest technological innovations, revealing their new products and speaking about their involvement in the consumer tech space. With more than 85 exhibition stalls also planned out, industry watchers will get a hands-on chance to engage with the who’s who of the tech world. Some of the key brands that are expected at IGE 2016 are Gionee, Apple, Timex, Oppo, Intex, Lenovo, Epson, BSNL, Reliance Jio, Creative and many more.

Additionally, there are more than 60 hardware startup brands that are being supported by the Karnataka Government and will also be present at IGE 2016 to showcase their innovative products/services. The hardware start ups are selected by Revvx Hardware Accelerator. These startups belong to varied industries such as Robotics, Automation, Electric Vehicles, Drone Manufacturers and many more.

Sanjivv Kumar, IGE Founder, said – “The 3rd edition of IGE promises to be the biggest in the consumer tech space in India. Thanks to the enthusiasm and interest by so many well-known brands, the startup community and the Karnataka Government, we have been able to put together a fabulous lineup of exhibitors and panel discussions this year. There is something for everyone at IGE 2016, right from Virtual Reality to electric vehicles, and we are so excited to host this event for a wide range of audience from the tech industry.”

Insightful panel discussions with participation by some of the prominent industry personalities and thought leaders also promise to make IGE 2016 high eventful. With 11 panel discussions scheduled over the 3-day event, and participation by more than 50 industry leaders who will be sharing their experiences, data points and opinions about the most pertinent topics, IGE will be a vastly educational experience for everyone involved with the event. The panel discussions are planned around fascinating topics such as – Vehicle Technology, Women Leaders in Technology, Smart Cities in India, Growth Hacking and more.

Additionally, there is a 36-hour ‘Hackathon’ also scheduled for IGE 2016. Organized by HackMania, the hackathon received over 500 registrations based on which  300 of the best registrants were chosen based on their prior experience. The theme of the hackathon is ‘Social Innovation’ and the average age of the participants is 24 years. While they will be permitted to use a combination of hardware and software solutions for their innovations, they will also have 15-20 mentors who will be present to aid them. The winner of the hackathon will receive a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-.

IGE 2016 also has in store the  Inspiring Indian Innovation (I3) awards to recognize and honor excellence in the technology industry. These awards will look to highlight the Indian innovators who have made a mark in their respective domains, based on their creativity, design, product or impact.

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About IGE 2016: 
India Gadgetz Expo is a gathering of the latest products and innovations in the consumer tech space. The 3rd edition of IGE will be held in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, from 14-16 October 2016 and it is the only platform to experience the most incredible consumer tech, gadgets, and gizmos – all under one roof.

India Gadgetz Expo (IGE) 2016 Talking Points
Shri Santosh Laad, Hon’ble Labor Minister of Karnataka State

Ladies and Gentlemen,
A very good morning to one and all gathered here.

1. On behalf of the Government of Karnataka, I would like to welcome each and every one of you to India Gadgetz Expo 2016. This famous technology exhibition was held in Hyderabad last year and I would like to thank the organizers for choosing Bengaluru as its destination for 2016.

2. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is a hub of technology throughout the country and hence a lot is expected of us. As we all know, over the past few years startups have become the driving force of the technology sector. As a result, there is no better place than Bengaluru to showcase an expo like IGE to the public.

3. Today here at IGE, we have almost 50 to 60 hardware startups gathered here to exhibit their best innovations. Bengaluru is one of the biggest nurturing grounds for startups in India and it is events like IGE that are encouraging this trend.

4. As the Labor Minister of Karnataka, I would like to say that the prime need for technology is at the ground level. Even during the years when I was growing up in my native village, there was only bus that used to take us to our school far away. If someone missed the bus it meant that they did not get to go to school that day.

5. Today technology innovations and globalization have changed the way in which companies function and what services they offer. This leads to less breakdowns, less delays in production and better utilization of resources.
6. Technology can help solve these problems by constructing more durable machines and by using the machines that already exist in new ways. This will save resources and also make processes more efficient.

7. In our country, where a large percentage of the population still resides in rural areas, helping farmers is another major area where I would like more involvement from technology innovations and companies. Efforts at the grassroots level are key to the progress of both our state and our country.

8. Many startups from Karnataka have been pioneers in aiding farmers with their inventions and this is a trend that I hope will continue into the future.

9. By supporting their efforts, I am sure we can work together to build a more sustainable platform for all other companies to innovate as well. This in turn will translate to stronger infrastructure building for a stronger state and country.

10. IGE is also a wonderful platform for giving youngsters a chance to enable their ideas and explore them with the right backing. By showcasing their talent, IGE is also encouraging the birth of more startups and newer innovations in the tech world.

11. Once again, I would like to welcome you all to IGE 2016 and I also urge investors to aid these startups in their efforts towards making Bengaluru a viable option for the development of technology in today’s world. The Government also promises to provide its utmost support and enthusiasm for making IGE 2016 a big success.