Repaireasy.In To Recycle Donated Old Devices In An Effort To Reduce E-Waste


Mumbai, 5 October, 2016: We have a responsibility to give our future generation a better world to live in and it has to start today and with us. The smartphone that you use today will be breaking the environment when you throw it away some day, poisoning the lives of our children. In today’s tech savvy world, many of us discard electronic devices for an advanced gadget, ultimately leading to accumulation of e-waste. These devices are either tossed in the bin or just lie in some corner. In the process people do not realize the hazardous impact of e-waste on the environment. In addition to this we also tend to skip the fact that something which is ‘old’ to you can be ‘new’ to someone else.

Repaireasy.In To Recycle Donated Old Devices In An Effort To Reduce E-Waste

The legacy of e-waste is on a constant rise. Studies have revealed that 60% devices land up in dustbins and landfills and less than 40% get recycled. The e-waste pollutes environment with toxic elements that seep into the soil and water, creating life hazards.

It is time for us to change our habits to recycling for a better tomorrow. And we at will make it super easy for you. Just look for electronics like mobiles, tablets, laptops, Computer or any related accessories, that are lying in a corner and hiding in your drawer and give repaireasy a call. will come and get pick that device from you at no charge and make sure it is managed responsibly.

With a view to encourage the habit of recycling & reducing e-waste gadget repair platform has launched an initiative “Donate your Device”. 

Repaireasy welcomes you to donate your trashed device, by simply raising a request on

We all care for the environment and with such initiative plan to educate people that e-waste does not belong to trash and recycling is very easy.

Once the gadget arrives at the reapireasy hub, it will be repaired and given free of cost to people who need it the most from the disadvantages section of the society. As a small token of appreciation for the effort that you take, will offer you a discount voucher on future repair services from

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Rishi Wahi, Co-Founder,, said: “We are in the business of delighting our customers through great service, and now we want to take it one step further by this program. With this initiative we are laying a foundation for a healthy environment for the coming generations. We encourage people to donate devices in whatever condition they are and we will make sure that these gadgets find their way in someone’s hand who need it to change their own lives”

Mr. Naveen Goyal, Co-founder, adds: “Everyone wants to care for the environment and the society, but there are not many avenues for them, plus it is a difficulty and at times expensive task to find a recycling unit. With this program, we wish to make “Caring for the environment” very easy and FREE