Which Soap is Best for Your Skin Type?

How to Choose the Right Soap for Your Skin?

India 4 October 2016: Most of the soaps available today are generally made up of animal or vegetable fat and caustic soda, with added perfume, colours and natural extracts. Soaps play an important part in our daily facial cleansing process. Soaps help in keeping the skin clean, smooth and away from any skin problems. For the same reason choosing the right soap for you is very important. There are so many soap brands available in the market that will confuse you which to buy. So we have made it a bit simple for you to make a smarter decision while selecting your next soap by compiling a list of things you should remember while choosing the right soap for your skin type.

Oily skin

Oily skin

A natural oil produced by our skin is known as sebum. The production of sebum differs from one person to another. You tend to have oily skin when your sebaceous glands have overproduced the sebum. People whose skin has more production of sebum are more prone to have acne problems. People with oily skin type are recommended to wash their face frequently with mild soap and avoid using strong soaps. Whenever you buy a soap check the ingredients of the soap. People with oily skin should use soaps which contain sea salt, oatmeal, brown sugar or peach pits. These soaps are said to be gentle on your skin and help in removing the extra sebum.

Dry skin

Dry skin

Sebum is important for the skin to keep it moisturized, but the production of sebum should not be too high or low. You tend to have dry skin when the production of sebum in your skin is lower than the required amount. People with dry skin are recommended to use a soap which contains moisturising properties. Buying a soap which contains glycerine which works amazing in moisturizing your skin. Glycerine helps in keeping your skin moisturized for a longer time. Soaps containing vegetable oils, cocoa butter, aloe vera, coconut oil,  jojoba oil and avocado also work great to moisturize dry skin.

Sensitive Skin

If you are a person who has sensitive skin, then there are many soaps available in the market for sensitive skin. The soap you choose to buy should have a balanced pH level and no colorants or perfume in them.

Combination skin

If you have skin which is both dry and oily, then your’s the combination skin type. People with this type of skin, should avoid soaps manufactured exclusively for oily skin or dry skin. The soaps for oily skin make the oily parts more oily and dry skin soaps make the dry parts more drier. Soaps that include Glycerin are a good choice for the people with combination skin.

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Which Soap is Best for Your Skin Type?

Normal skin:

Normal skin is the perfect skin type, the sebum produced in the skin is of the optimum level. Normal skin is not too dry or not too oily. People who have a normal skin type should avoid dry skin soaps and oily skin soaps. You’ll should use herbal skin soap which helps in nourishing the skin and cleaning off the dirt from the skin.

What kind of soaps should I or person with any skin type avoid:

Soaps with high acid content or pH value should definitely be avoided.
Avoid Soaps which are loaded with chemicals.
Avoid soaps which promise you instant fairness as they have too many chemicals.
Avoid soaps with too much fragrance.

Your selection of soap should be based on your skin type. You can try many different soaps meant for your skin type to find the best soap for you. Make sure you try only those soaps which are meant for your skin type. If you dont use the right soap for your skin it can result in permanent damage to your beautiful glowing skin.