10 Indian Sweets to make this Christmas

India 12 November 2016: We indians have our own style of indian sweets that we make at home during the christmas season. Read on to see 10 Indian sweets you can make this Christmas.

1. Neureos


Neureos are coconut puffs which are common indian sweets made during most of the Indian festival. Many christians also prepare neureos during Christmas. These amazingly tasty coconut puffs known as Neureos are very easy to make and very delicious to eat. They go well as a tea time snack during the Christmas season.

2. Kul kuls

Kul kuls during christmas season

Kul kuls are a Christmas sweet made in many christian households. These are Crunchy snacks which have a nice sugar coating. You don’t need to wait for Christmas to make these sweet treats as these are very easy to make. These Goan savories make the Indian Christmas season even tastier.

3. Bebinca

Bebinca during christmas season

One thing that we always ask our friends or family when they are visiting Goa is Bebinca. This amazing sweet is made from coconut, jaggery and flour. Bebinca was introduced to Indians by the Portuguese who ruled Goa.

4. Bolinha

Bolinha during christmas season sweet

Bolinha are Chewy coconut cookies that are made during Christmas and make for a perfect tea-time snack. These are sweet cookies which have a unique flavor coming from the combination of cardamom and coconut. Bolinha are very simple and easy to make.

5. Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Fudge during christmas season sweet

You can’t enjoy Christmas without chocolates, Chocolate fudge is an amazing sweet to add chocolate to your christmas sweets. Chocolate Fudge truly makes Christmas complete, with it’s amazing taste. It;s not that difficult to make as well.

6. Perad or Guava Cheese

Perad or Guava Cheese during christmas season sweet

Guava cheese is a Goan speciality made from ripe guavas. Guava cheese is also popularly known as Perad and Goia-bada in Portuguese.

7. Jujubs

Jujubs during christmas season sweet

Jujubs are gelatin based candies which are rolled in sugar. Jujubs are soft and chewy to eat and are a favourite among kids. These colorful candies add that little extra color to the Christmas festivities.

8. Marzipan

Marzipan during christmas season sweet

Marzipans are confectionery commonly made during Christmas in many christian households. These are confectioneries made from almond meal.

9. Nankhatai

Nankhatai during christmas season sweet

Nan khatai is an amazing tea time Indian sweet and savory cookie. It can be easily prepared at home. Nan khatai are mostly prepared using ghee, maida and rawa.

10. Snowballs

Snowballs during christmas season sweet

Here is a delicious christmas recipe known as snowballs to make this Christmas. These are mini cookies made from pecans. These snowballs are very easy to make and taste super delicious.