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Chirstmas 2016: 5 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner, It’s that time of the year again when everyone around is cheerful and happy. Read on to find out 5 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Christmas.

1. Secret Santa


 Chirstmas 2016: 5 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Christmas

We all love getting gifts and Secret Santa is something that we all look forward to every Christmas. So when you at work during this christmas season bring together all your colleagues and play Secret Santa at work. Lets see how to play it. For secret santa you  need to put chits with names of all the people playing in a bowl and just ask each one to pick a chit. In this game You become a Secret Santa to the person whose name is on the chit you have picked. This is an amazing way to celebrate christmas at work.

2. Attend Christmas Mass

Attend Christmas Mass for christmas season

There are masses held during Christmas in churches all over the world. Make sure to attend mass on christmas. It is a common ritual followed by christians. Doesn’t matter what religion you follow or caste you belong to everyone is welcome to attend the christmas mass..

3. Food, Cake & Candy

Food, Cake & Candy for christmas season

Christmas is the time of the year to enjoy some delicious food. During Christmas in many christian households there is traditionally cooked roast turkey and a lot of variety of Christmas candies and cakes. During Christmas many city restaurants have brunches and altered menus lined up specially to bring the christmas fervour to your plate. So go ahead and pick any good restaurant of your choice in the city and treat yourself to an amazing wholesome Christmas meal.

4. Charity

Not that a reason is ever needed to engage in charity but Christmas provides enough opportunity to do some good and give back to society. Visit an old age home or a kid’s shelter and distribute gifts, time, and, more importantly, love. Spread the joy and give voice to the good within you.

5. Karaoke

We all love Karaoke. Christmas is a great time of the year to have a karaoke night. So go get all your family and friends together and have an amazing christmas with carols, cake, wine and food.

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