Companies extending Pre-assessment tests to Middle and Senior Levels

·         15% and 30% recruiters using Pre-assessment tests for Senior and Middle management roles respectively

·         Only 10% recruiters use Pre-assessment tests to check candidate’s core skills, majority using to evaluate aptitude and quantitative skills

Chandigarh, 8th November 2016:, one of India’s leading end to end online recruitment and career solutions portals, today released outcome of its survey on the Pre-assessment tests in hiring. Candidate’s pre-assessment tests are used to screen job applicants and include testing of cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, physical and motor abilities, personality, emotional intelligence, language proficiency, and even integrity. This survey was conducted among 130 corporate across the IT, ITeS, e-Commerce, Retail, Manufacturing and Engineering sectors in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

The role of pre-assessments, both online and offline has increased due to candidates manipulating their personal information and taking credit for things they did not do on their resumes. Whether third-party or proprietary, recruiters feel that these assessments are useful in making selection decisions by objectively analyzing candidates’ decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

With the focus now shifting from candidates’ past achievements to their ability to do the required job within the constraints of the role – or ‘organizational fit’ – assessments are increasingly being relied upon to gauge a candidate’s suitability. Organizations, irrespective of size are now increasingly using assessment techniques as a method of pre-screening candidates in the initial part of the interview process.

Mr. Ajay Kolla, Founder & CEO, said, “While assessments have long been used as a filtering or elimination tool for hiring at the fresher level, they are now also playing a role in executive hiring. Large organizations and start-ups alike are basing their hiring decisions on assessments that measure skills, behaviors, motivation, attitudes, etc. From a negligible usage, now 15% of the recruiters are using assessment tests with the candidates for senior roles.”

This survey of 130 companies carried out by examined the role of pre-assessments in their hiring processes.

·         Nearly 40% of companies surveyed said they use pre-assessments to measure skills, behaviors, motivation, and attitudes
·         42% of them said that they use them only for entry level roles while 30% use them for middle management roles, and 15% for senior roles

Companies extending Pre-assessment tests to Middle and Senior Levels

-       15% of the companies said that they saw an increase in the tenure of their hires after implementing pre-assessments
·         60% of the companies said that they use pre-assessments only to test candidate aptitude and quantitative skills; 24% said they test aptitude and communication skills, while only 10% use them to test core skills as well.

Companies extending Pre-assessment tests to Middle and Senior Levels

·         30% of them also use pre-assessments for psychological profiling of candidates
·         Nearly 50% the companies said that avoiding a bad hire is the biggest reason for using pre-assessments; 35% said that it increases retention, and 20% said that it increases productivity

Companies extending Pre-assessment tests to Middle and Senior Levels

·         Almost 80% agreed that pre-assessments had a positive impact on their hiring process while 10% felt that it did not have a noticeable impact
·         54% of companies said that they use both paper-based and online assessments, whereas 30% indicate that they use only online assessment.
·         20% of respondents indicated that they do not evaluate the ROI of their recruitment systems, while over 35% said that they are yet to conduct such evaluations specifically for pre-assessments being used by them
·         Only 30% of companies said that they integrate candidate results into their Applicant Tracking System

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