AADHAAR eSign by eMudhra enables digital transformation through cashless and paperless transactions

Bangalore, 16 December 2016: eMudhra, a market leader in the secure digital Identity and transaction management space, today announced that it has crossed over 2.5 million eSign. The eSign service allows any AADHAAR holders to digitally sign a document, doing away with the need to print, courier or physically store paper forms.  

eMudhra is the first provider to issue eSign in India. With the government’s demonetization efforts and drive towards a paperless, cashless society, AADHAAR eSign will help Banks and Financial Institutions open accounts without the need for using papers and forms.

AADHAAR eSign by eMudhra enables digital transformation through cashless and paperless transactions

eSign is legally valid under the Information Technology Act and substitutes the need for a physical or wet signature. Banks, Financial Institutions can use eSign for routine service request such as Deposits, Nominations, Salary Accounts and other service requests thereby saving cost and resulting in improved customer experience.
In all possible situations where an individual identity of the customer is to be verified and in scenarios where customer is required to sign documents digitally, eMudhra’s eSign can be used. eMudhra is already working with several Banks, Payments Banks, Financial Institutions, Brokerage Houses to enable paperless transformation and aims to reach 10million eSigns within the next few months.

“The dream is to aid in the digital transformation of the whole country and improve ease of doing business.  eSign will significantly accelerate the  ease of account opening and doing transactions with the Banking and Financial Services system. Thus it will result in huge cost reduction and achieve faster turnaround time for all transactions that leads to a cashless society,” said Mr. V. Srinivasan, Chairman, eMudhra.

About eMudhra

eMudhra is a technology and identity management company providing secure online transaction management platforms which ease financial and statutory needs of consumers. eMudhra established in 2008, is a licensed Certifying Authority issuing millions of Digital Signature Certificates in India and Mauritius. eMudhra has helped governments, banks and large companies in putting place online authentication platforms. eMudhra also enables paperless transformation of Government as well as private enterprises through its innovative array of solutions that encompass workflow, instant authentication and legally valid electronic signatures. For more details visit: www.emudhra.com 

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