Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Fruit For Hair

Benefits of Indian Gooseberry Fruit For Hair

Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Fruit For Hair

1. Indian Gooseberry Treats Dandruff

Indian gooseberry or amla fruit has been in use since centuries to treat dandruff and scaly scalp. Being a rich source of Vitamin C, Amla juice prevents the occurrence of dandruff on the scalp of your hair. With Indian Gooseberry you can prevent dandruff you can also make a natural anti dandruff hair pack.

Anti Dandruff Pack with Indian Gooseberry fruit

To make this amazing all natural anti dandruff hair pack you will need Amla powder, Shikakai powder and Yogurt. In a bowl mix two teaspoons of Amla and shikakai powder. To this add two tablespoons of yogurt to form a smooth paste. Apply this gooseberry anti dandruff hair pack to your hair and let it be there for 15 minutes. Wash it using a mild shampoo.

2. Indian Gooseberry Keeps the scalp healthy

Amla juice is the best way to naturally cleanse your scalp and to maintain a healthy scalp. Just take a few drops of Amla juice and add in an egg and massage it all over your scalp of your hair. Leave it for 20-25 minutes on your hair and then wash your hair with lukewarm water.

3. Indian Gooseberry  Prevent Premature Graying

Eating/Consuming Indian gooseberry fruit on a regular basis is the best way to naturally prevent premature graying of hair due to its rich amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

4. Indian Gooseberry  Helps Increase Hair Growth

Regular application of amla oil nourishes the scalp and roots and also promotes the growth of long and healthy hair. Apart from using amla oil you can also try using :
Indian gooseberry Hair Masks
This hair mask works amazingly to strengthen your hair and make them healthy and strong. For this hair mask you will need Amla powder, Yogurt and Honey. Just take a mixing bowl and mix two tablespoons of Amla powder with one tablespoon of yogurt and one tablespoon of honey and some water. Apply this Indian Gooseberry paste to your hair strands and roots. Let the mask sit in your hair for 30 minutes. Now rinse your hair with warm water.

This might surprise you, but as Indian Gooseberry provide hundreds of health benefits, it is worshipped as life-giving tree in many parts of India. Not only this, Ayurveda also shows a great significance of Amla fruit as it has been an integral part in preparing many Ayurvedic Medicines for centuries. The best thing about this herbal fruit is that it can be consumed in any form. You can eat Amla, drink Amla juice or use it in a powdered form- the choice is all yours. One of the best ways to enjoy all the health benefits of Amla is to juice it and have it diluted with water every day on an empty stomach. So bring this powerful fruit home to achieve its uncountable benefits.

Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)  Fruit Juice