Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Fruit Juice

Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) -The Elixir to Youthfulness and Longevity
Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)  Fruit Juice

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is one of the most powerful food that heals and cleanses your body naturally. It is in fact the prestigious herb that promotes longevity, prevents aging, as well as maintain youthfulness, vigor and vitality. This fruit is also worldwide known as “wonder fruit”, due to the myriads of health benefits it possesses. Indian gooseberry is known as Amlaki in Bengali, Amla in Gujarati and Hindi, Nellikai in Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil, Anvla in Oriya, Usirikayi in Telugu.
The Indian Gooseberry is a fruit that belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. This fruit is known to ripen in the autumn in wet, forested, hilly areas on the Indian subcontinent. Amla is considered to be a sacred tree in India. This fruit has a sour taste but is very nourishing. It can be eaten in both dried and fresh form for its health benefits.
Indian Gooseberry (Amla) is a rich source of Vitamin C and phytonutrients that provides uncountable health benefits to your body, if consumed on a regular basis.  
Indian gooseberry (Amla) is undeniably a bank loaded with nutrients. The various vital minerals and vitamins present in it, are very beneficial to our body's well-being. You must for sure include amla in your diet be it in raw, juiced, powdered or may be part of pickles, jams, dips or spreads.
For ages Indian Gooseberry (Amla) has been used as a home remedy for treating many diseases. It is also used in ayurveda for its numerous benefits.

Health Benefits of Amla

1. Gooseberry Fruit Aids Digestion

Amla aka Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of fiber, which makes this fruit highly effective in treating infrequent bowel movements and constipation. Amla Juice also contains constituents that aid digestion by stimulating gastric juice secretion. Regular consumption of this fruit also boosts the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the gut.

2. Gooseberry Fruit Detoxify Liver

Amla is highly effective in Liver detoxification as it increases the frequency and volume of urination. This fruit also helps you to remove chemical substances and toxins naturally. It also prevents the oxidative damage done by alcohol.

3. Gooseberry Fruit Boost Immunity

Rich in antibacterial and astringent properties,  Indian Gooseberry improves the functioning of your immune system and protects your body from several infections. The Tannins present in amla Juice, when combined with polyphenols, work amazingly to fight free radicals.

4. Amla Fruit Prevents Cancer

Not many people know this, but Indian Gooseberry (Amla Juice) is overloaded with antioxidants, especially Superoxide dismutase (SOD), that prevents the formation of free radicals in the body and protects our body from getting cancer.

5. Gooseberry Fruit Treats Osteoporosis

Drinking Amla Juice on a regular basis helps your bones to become stronger and healthier and protect them from becoming brittle and weak. It also helps in lowering osteoclasts, the cells that cause breaking of bones.

6. Gooseberry Provide relief in Menstrual Cramps

It is one such problem that troubles many women around the world. So if you are looking for one best and most effective way to get rid of the irritating Menstrual Cramps, then Amla juice is all you need to treat the problem effectively.

7. Gooseberry Prevent Gastric Disorders

Amla Juice is the best home remedy to treat Gastric disorders as well as hyperchlorhydria, which is a burning sensation in abdomen. It also treats many other health conditions like diarrhea and dysentery and helps to keep your liver healthy.

8. Indian Gooseberry Improves Heart Health

Indian Gooseberry (Amla Juice) is highly beneficial for heart as it prevents cardiovascular diseases as well as strengthen the muscles of the heart, which enables the heart to pump the blood easily. It also works to stop the buildup of bad cholesterol and increase the levels of good Cholesterol.

9. Amla juice Treat Constipation and Piles

Amla juice has all the potential to treat stomach related disorders naturally and can treat several health problems like constipation and piles. It also soothes bowel movements and provide relief from chronic constipation.

10. Gooseberry Cure Infections

Indian Gooseberry (amla Juice) is packed with great antibacterial and astringent properties that contains ability to treat many severe infections. It also contains antioxidants and Vitamin C that increases the number of WBCs in the body that improves immunity and protect the body from harmful bacterias. Drinking Amla juice daily also helps to prevent infections like jaundice and scurvy.

11. Gooseberry Improves Sleeping ability

To improve your sleeping ability, all you need to do is to take a nutmeg powder and add it to the Amla juice. Drink this mixture every night to treat Insomnia and enjoy a good sleep.

12. Amla Fruit Soothes Inflammation

Indian Gooseberry is a great remedy to treat inflammation, which helps ease out the tissues of the digestive tract and is also highly effective in reducing the swelling of joints caused by Arthritis.

13. Gooseberry for Diabetes Management

Due to the presence of chromium metal in compounded form, this fruit is highly effective in treating diabetes. The therapeutic properties of this organometallic compound reduces the level of glucose in the blood by improving the production of insulin in the body. This compound also reduces LDL cholesterol in the blood that facilitates beta-blocker expression on the cell surfaces.

14. Eating Amla juice Improves Vision

Eating Amla or drinking Amla Juice is very beneficial for your eyes. The carotene present in Amla reduces intraocular tension, maintains the health of the eyes, and prevents cataracts.

15. Amla Juice is Good for Oral Health

Amla Juice is something that you should definitely add to your kitchen to maintain your Oral Health. Gargling Amla juice with water, treats mouth ulcers, make your teeth stronger and help you get rid of bad breath.

16. Amla Fruit Cures a Sore Throat

If you are suffering from sore throat problem, then try Amla. To cure sore throat just mix Amla juice with a few pieces of chopped ginger and a tablespoon of honey and drink it. This remedy has been proven to be an effective treatment for curing a sore throat.

17. Amla This Fruit Increases Diuretic Activity

Indian Gooseberry fruit being diuretic in nature works to improve the frequency and volume of urination. Our body release all unwanted toxins, salts, and uric acid through the urine, Hence taking Amla is known to have a detoxifying effect on our body.

18. Indian Gooseberry Increases Metabolic Activity

Indian Gooseberry has the ability to increase the absorption of protein, and they are a great way to boost your metabolic rate. The better your metabolic rate, the faster your body burns calories. Boosting the metabolic rate will lead to faster weight loss, higher energy levels and an overall increase in lean muscle mass.

19. Amla on a regular basis lowers lowers the chances of Gall Bladder Stones

The main reason behind the formation of gall bladder stones is, extra cholesterol. Vitamin C  present in Amla fruit converts the cholesterol into bile in the liver. Taking Amla on a regular basis lowers the chances of a build-up of cholesterol as well as the likelihood of any pesky gallstones. It also keeps the gallbladder functioning well and in perfect health.

20. Purifies Blood Since Amla fruit is loaded with antioxidants

Amla Fruit is loaded with antioxidants, it works as an amazing natural blood purifier. It also works to increase the haemoglobin and red blood cells count.

21. Cools The Body since amla fruit is rich in Vitamin c

The vitamin C present in Amla fruit is as much as three times of that in orange. Vitamin C is known to improve tannin levels in the body which protects the body from heat and light. It keeps your skin feeling cool even during summers by regulating the body heat.

Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Fruit For Skin

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