33 Benefits of Fennel Seeds (Saunf) for Health

33 Benefits of Fennel Seeds (Saunf) for Health

21.  Improves Vision

Fennel seeds help in improving eyesight as it contains several essential nutrients needed to maintain eye health. Drinking fennel juice rejuvenates the eyes and prevents macular degeneration as it is rich in antioxidants and amino acids. You can also apply Fennel juice topically on your eyes to reduce eye irritations and fatigue.

22.  Diuretic Properties

Fennel Juice has amazing diuretic properties. Having fennel juice regularly will help to flush out excess fluids from your body. It will also get rid of symptoms fluid retention like rheumatism and swelling. Having this juice also helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

23.  Post Menopause Benefits

The phyto-estrogen present in fennel seeds is a chemical that is similar to the hormone estrogen in structure. Thus, having fennel juice regularly helps women suffering from menopause and pre-menstrual problems. This juice is also a good source of folate, which works to prevent birth defects in unborn babies. Drinking this juice is known to ease menstruation problems by managing hormonal actions in the body. Increase in milk production is another benefit of fennel juice for Lactating mothers.

24.  Mental Health

As per research Fennel juice is said to release endorphins into the bloodstreams, which help with lowering depression. Fennel juice also contains Potassium which increases brain function and the cognitive abilities of the brain. This juice also increases the oxygen supply to the brain and prevents dementia.

25.  Natural Aperitif

The essential oil obtained from this seed is known to be a natural aperitif and helps in boosting your appetite.

26.  Antispasmodic

The violent and involuntary contractions of the organs, respiratory tract, intestines, muscles, and nerves is known as spasms. Spasms can lead to chronic cough and acute pain and inflammation. Spasms can also lead to fainting and even death if it is severe. The essential oil of this seed is an active antispasmodic agent, which works to relax the intestines, muscles and nerves and provides instant relief from spasms.

27.  Antiseptic Properties

The essential oil derived from fennel seeds contains many chemicals, which have antiseptic and bactericidal characteristics. The antiseptic property of this oil helps prevent wounds from turning septic. This oil prevents the offset of tetanus and other post-surgical infections as well.

28.  Carminative Agent

This essential oil works as an active carminative agent which helps release gas from intestines and provides instant relief from digestive problems like stomach pain, restlessness, heartburn and indigestion. It also helps in stopping the formation of gas and helps treat excessive flatulence.

29.  Reduces Inflammation

Fennel bulbs are known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. They work excellently to reduce inflammation that is internal as well as external. They contain anethole which is known to be a very strong anti-inflammatory flavonoid. This flavonoid easily cures inflammation caused in humans without the risk of any side-effects.

30.  Reduces Acidity

The natural cooling and neutralizing benefits of fennel bulbs help in treating the problem of acidity. Consuming fennel bulbs makes the intestines active and eases the process of absorption of food. These bulbs also help in separating the the toxins from useful minerals. The separated toxins are easily flushed out of the body and a normal PH level is restored which gives relief from acidity.

31.  Boosts Immunity

We all know that Vitamin C is a natural immunity boosting vitamin for us humans. Fennel bulbs are loaded in vitamin C. Hence; daily intake of these bulbs strengthens the immune system. It keeps the body safe from minor infections naturally. It also increases the body’s capacity to fight back major infections. A stronger immune system results in active WBCs which fight all the disease-causing bacteria and viruses and destroy them.

32.  Eases Respiratory Disorders

Cineole found in fennel bulbs is an active agent that helps in clearing the nasal blockages. This is an amazing home remedy for people suffering from congestion, asthma, and bronchitis. Cineol effectively clears and controls the formation and accumulation of phlegm in the chest and nasal passage and helps to ease respiration.

33.  Improves Concentration

Fennel bulb contains Potassium which is an active component of cranial nerves. Potassium also helps in maintaining the electrolytic balance of the brain. Potassium is also a natural memory charger which ensures proper functioning of the human brain by regulating the levels of potassium. It also works to sharpen the memory and improves focus and concentration.

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