Galangal/Kulanjan Benefits for skin

Galangal/Kulanjan Benefits for skin

Galangal/Kulanjan Benefits for skin

1. Anti-Acne:

Galangal is a powerful cleanser and a great antiseptic. It will help you to keep the skin clean, clear, smooth and blemish free naturally. It works great against acne and prevents skin infections too. It gets rid of the bacteria from the skin and prevent the eruption of acne.

2. Anti- Aging:

Apart from the medicinal values of galangal, you will be surprised that Galangal has a positive effect in controlling the aging of the human skin. It consists of 40 important antioxidants and hence Galangal is also widely used for skin care.

3. Detoxifier:

Galangal juice is equally recommended to be applied topically. Its application helps in the treatment of various skin diseases. This herb successfully removes the toxins and improves the blood circulation. The antioxidants present in it prevent the damaging of the skin.

4. Heals Skin Burns:

If you are looking for a home remedy for skin burns then we will recommend Galangal juice as a great healing medicine. Topical application of Galangal juice on the burnt skin provides instant relief from pain and also helps to heal. Rubbing fresh slices of galangal on the skin 2 to 3 times daily helps in reducing the scars.

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