Internationally acclaimed neurosurgeon Dr. N. K. Venkataramana launches Neuro Spine Hospital Chain “BRAINS”

Bangalore, 30th March, 2017: Internationally acclaimed Neurosurgeon Dr.N.K.Venkataramanatoday unveiled a new frontier in Neuro spine care with the launch of BRAINS (Bangalore Regenerative Advanced Institute of Neurosciences). Neuro Spine Care Hospital -

Dr. N. K. Venkataramana launches Neuro Spine Hospital Chain _BRAINS_
 Dr. N. K. Venkataramana launches Neuro Spine Hospital Chain _BRAINS_

Dr. N. K. Venkataramana launches Neuro Spine Hospital Chain _BRAINS
Dr. N. K. Venkataramana launches Neuro Spine Hospital Chain _BRAINS

BRAINS will be the first private sector specialty tertiary neuro spine care hospital chain in India- first hospital isco-located at  Infantry road Bangalore as Brains | Sparsh Hospital.

A renowned global expert in neurosciences, Dr.Venkataramanaaims to set golden standards in neuroscience with cutting edge services encompassing prevention, awareness, advocacy, acute and chronic care and rehabilitation with BRAINS. BRAINS will offer Neuro Surgery, Neurology, Neuro Critical care and Spine care.

Dr Venkataramana founded BRAINS as centre of excellence for comprehensive neuro spine care — the first hospital is co-located at the Sparsh Hospital on Infantry Road, in the heart of Bangalore as BRAINS | SPARSH hospital.

The Gold Standard in Neuro Spinal Care: Brains is setting the golden standards in neuroscience with cutting edge services encompassing prevention, awareness, advocacy, acute and chronic care, regeneration, rehabilitation and research and training. Among the centre’s primary focal areas is to infuse vitality to brain health.

BRAINS Vision:

•       BRAINS envisions to relentlessly raising the standard of neuro spine care by combining unmatched expertise, by being the trusted experts and genuine empathy

•       To create state of the art technological infrastructure for neuro-spinal care & provide comprehensive care for such illnesses.

•       Educate people about the human brain and its true potential

•       Tackle and dispel societal myths around psychological disorders

•       Research, preserve and propagate ancient Indian wisdom about the brain and spine

•       Bring the advances in brain and spinal research to the common man

•       Indigenise technology in neuro-spinal care

The Brains team will comprise of DR Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neuro Surgeon, Dr. Murali Mohan S, Senior Consultant & Neuro & Spine Surgeon, Dr.GayatriNauroAnastehologist& Critical Care Dr. Satish Babu KN, Neuroendocrinologist, Dr. (Lt Col) M Diwakar, MD, Dr. Christos Panotopoulos, International Visiting Neurosurgeon, Dr. Pradeep Lakshminarayana, Consultant--Neuro Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Dr.Prahlada N.B, Neurootocrhinolaryngologist, Dr. (Lt Col) R Varadarajulu VSM, Dr. SRIDUTT .B .S, Dr.Sreemathy V.

BRAINS has developed a dedicated Neuro Emergency team excelling in 24*7  Neuro Emergency.

Speaking on the occasion Dr.Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neuro Surgeon said, “We want to focus on what we call “mindcare”, with cutting edge technology and propriety healing techniques. At BRAINS, we offer comprehensive healing services to create a healing eco system for every patient suffering from neuro spinal issues.”

Dr. Sharan Patil founder Sparsh Hospital said, “Dr.Venkataramana’s concept of “BRAINS” comes from his passion for the practice of the art and science of Neurosciences. I have known him for the last 2 decades. His ability to deliver the highest quality care in this field of expertise is a lifetime commitment for him.

His vision of putting together a team of the highly qualified professionals, to deliver the best quality care is commendable.  The concept of BRAINS partnering with SPARSH Hospital at its Infantry road unit is a matter of great joy. I believe this coming together will be the best synergies of vision, quality and comprehensive care for the patients. It surely will be the most impactful and a bench mark for the best practices and outcomes in the field of neurosciences for our state and country.

BRAINS in Infantry Road will be the first hospital of this chain of hospitals is co located at Sparsh Hospital. Dr.Venkataramana plans to launch a series of innovation, proprietary healing services and healing eco system in the coming years.

The inspiration behind the brand logo: the Akshaya Diya is a modern rendition of the deeply rooted Indian expression that represents ‘anantam, mangalam and akshayam’ – of auspicious beginnings in the quest for infinite knowledge, the need to provide endless avenues to serve and the everlasting loop of our neuron network.

Crafted in the healing shades of blue, a healthcare colour, the upward looking flame depicts our quest to rise to the occasion and serve the need of the hour. Therefore, in our Akshaya Diya, we see infinity (the infinite possibilities to serve), an ever-burning flame (our desire for knowledge and excellence) and the star (a hallmark of excellence and trust), which reminds us of our founding ideals, every day.

About  Dr . N K Venkataramana- Founder & Chief Neuro Surgeon- BRAINS

Dr N K Venkataramana is an internationally acclaimed neurosurgeon, researcher and academician. After training in micro neurology at NordtstudKrankenhause in Hanover, Germany, he served as assistant professor in neurosurgery at the Bangalore-based National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS). Later he founded the Manipal Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND) at the Manipal Hospital in Bangalore and turned it into a leading facility. Alongside he pioneered 1062, the country's first GPS-enabled mobile trauma care service. Then Dr Venkataramana served as Vice Chairman of the Bangalore-based BGS Global Hospitals and Chief Neurosurgeon at the Global Institute of Neurosciences (BGS-GIN).

The doctor has published more than a 100 papers in reputed journals, performed more than 25000 surgeries, participated and presided over many prestigious neurological conferences and delivered lectures and orations at national and international forums by invitation.

A recipient of a number of prestigious awards and citations, Dr Venkataramana currently presides over the Indian Society for Paediatric Neurosurgery and is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cereberovascular Sciences. Previously he has been the President of the Indian Society for Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery and President, Neuroendoscopic Society-India.

BRAINS will offer specialised consultation and surgery under three categories;


·         Microneurosurgery

·         Complex Spine surgery

·         Neuro Oncology

·         Paediatric Neurosurgery

·         Endovascular surgery

·         Epilepsy surgery

·         Endoscopic Neurosurgery

·         Stereotactic and functional Neurosurgery

·         Peripheral Nerve Surgery

·         Pain and Neuro Modulation

·         Pituitary Surgery

·         Head Injury

·         Spine Surgery


·         Paediatric Neurology

·         Epilepsy

·         Brain Attack ( Stroke)

·         Movement Disorder

·         Parkinson's disease

·         Demyelinating disease

·         Degenerative Disease

·         Neuro Muscular Diseases

·         Neuro Endocrinology

·         Neuro Opthalmology

·         Neuro Otology

·         Neuro Infections

·         Neuro Electrophysiology

·         Sleep Laboratory

·         Headache

Neuro Critical Care

·         Centre for Neuro Critical Care

·         Neuro Anaesthesia

·         Neuro Radiology

·         Neuro Pathology

·         Neuro Rehabilitaion

·         Stemcell and Regenerative medicine

·         Neuro Nutrition

Neuro Emergency

·         Brain Stroke

·         Brain Attack

·         Brain Haemorrhage

·         Brain Injury

·         Spinal Injury