Notion Press organizes Unconference on Book authoring for first - time authors

The unconference provided aspiring writers an exciting platform to set the agenda, exchange ideas, share stories on their passion and learn from each other

Chennai 19th  March, 2017 – Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform, hosted an unconference on book authoring in the city today to help first-time authors prepare for their first book.
Notion Press organizes Unconference on Book authoring for first - time authors

Notion Press organizes Unconference on Book authoring for first - time authors

Led by social media entrepreneur, professor of digital marketing and author of five books, Kiruba Shankar, the unconference explored the various nuances of writing in an interactive and stimulating session which had participants completely invested.

An unconference is a freely structured conference, which offers a platform for the exchange of ideas. It allows peer-to-peer learning and helps crowdsource innovative ideas pertaining to a specific topic. The participants shared their challenges, experiences and their views as well as participating in discussions on certain topics within the stipulated time. It helped everyone learn from people who have treaded a similar journey and adapt these lessons to their lives as well.

Naveen Valsakumar, Co- Founder and CEO of Notion Press said, “We all have a story within us and many of us have an idea for a novel but aren't sure where to begin. Many young aspiring authors today are inspired by the self-publishing success stories of E.L. James and closer to home, Amish Tripathi — are keen to explore. These workshops and unconferences provide an opportunity to find out how to write books from those who have done it. Notion Press workshops are very well-articulated and ideal for any writer. The key benefits from the workshop, apart from skill enhancement, are the ability to write well and consequently, become a published author. In addition to this the sessions cover the nuts and bolts of writing and publishing.”

The session covered a plethora of topics related to being an author and offered many tips and tricks for first-timers as well as seasoned writers. The participants offered their thoughts on structuring a book, the benefits of being an author, monetary and non-monetary, as well as suggestions on how to write regularly and which tools helped them write better.

Kiruba Shankar, CEO, Business Blogging said, “To ensure that a book is discovered among the millions of other books in the market, a good story, strong characters or a catchy cover page isn’t enough. It needs to be promoted and marketed in various mediums to ensure that it catches the customer’s eye. Long gone are the days when a 5x5 print banner was the only form of advertising, today we are bombarded with various methods to publicize and an author should use print and digital marketing tools to his advantage.”

The best marketing techniques for a book was discussed and it brought to light the various ways in which a book could be promoted and what would be best for the author, according to the genre of the book.

What good would it be if a book had every positive attributes but no sales to account for it? An exchange of views took place about sales and monetary gains and a lot of recommendations poured in with regard to tips that would help increase the sales of a book. Online sales on e-commerce websites seemed to be the most popular opinion among the participants.

“Unconferences have lots of energy, fun and ideas. The more I conduct unconferences, the more I believe in the power of it. This unconference was exactly that and much more,” added Kiruba Shankar.

 The participants left with more knowledge about the world of writing and publishing and were left wanting another session thanks to the informal way in which the transfer of ideas took place!

About Notion Press is a self-publishing platform for Indian writers to publish and sell books around the world in both print and eBook form. Since its inception in 2012, Notion Press has published the works of over 2000 authors and distributed books to over 100 countries. It is today the fastest growing publishing group in India, well-known for its high-end professional publishing solutions to authors.

About Kiruba Shankar is the CEO of Business Blogging and Founder Director of F5ive Technologies. With 20 years of work experience in the internet space, Kiruba Shankar helps craft digital strategies for large firms. He has worked with leading brands such as British Council, Dominos Pizza, Murugappa group, Mahindra group, Sterling Holidays, Larsen & Toubro and The Hindu group. He has authored five books and has been a technology columnist for newspapers.

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