Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad Highlights Multi-Dimensional Approach to Control Obesity with its Special Weight Management Program

·         With multiple stories of successful weight reduction, the program blends diet management and exercise with counseling to promote healthy living in individuals

Ghaziabad, April 27, 2017:Akash Choudhary was just 23 years old and weighed a massive 121kg. With a family history of cardiovasculardisease, Akash was concerned about how obesity was adding to his already high risk of heart ailments. However, within a few months of attending Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad’s weight management program, Akash has managed to lose 26 kg weight and is on road to fitness.

Akash is one of the several such individuals who have benefited immensely from the Hospital’s scientific weight management program which uses a multi-dimensional approach to health and offers customized solutions for individual weight management problems. Initially Akash wanted to go for bariatric surgery; he went to our specialist & got transferred to nutritionist.

Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad Highlights Multi-Dimensional Approach to Control Obesity with its Special Weight Management Program

Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad Highlights Multi-Dimensional Approach to Control Obesity with its Special Weight Management Program

Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad Highlights Multi-Dimensional Approach to Control Obesity with its Special Weight Management Program

“All obese people must first be recommended counseling, diet control and exercise to manage their weight. Bariatric surgery should be the option when all measures fail and obesity turns life threatening. With a well-planned diet control and moderate exercise on a regular basis, Akash was able to reduce his weight up to 95kg in just 3 months. With a remarkable turnaround, Akash has inspired his family and community members for nutritionist consultation and to be a part of the weight management program at the hospital,” said Dr. Aditi Sharma, Chief Nutritionist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad.

With lifestyle changes, a shift towards sedentary jobs and rise of the fast food culture, India is witnessing a substantial rise in the burden of obesity.While obesity can up the risk of diseases such as like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis, even some form of cancers, this physical health problem can also weigh you down emotionally and cause mental health issues like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

The in-house weight management program of the Hospital endeavors to transform individuals into a state of healthy living by offering them scientific counseling for nutrition and lifestyle correction and implementing the right clinical measures, on time, every time.

“Obesity is an issue which is affecting all age groups. The most worrisome is the rise of obesity among children and teenagers which makes them susceptible to early onset of several diseases. Our lifestyle shifts have much to do with it. Near total mechanization of work has drastically reduced our levels of physical activity. Our intake of fast food which is high on calorie and low on other nutrition has also increased in recent years. With the average calorie intake per individual rising among the middle class, obesity-related disorders are hitting the metropolises and city suburbs in a never-seen-before manner,” said Dr. Aditi Sharma, Dietician, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad.

Another exemplary case dealt recently by the Hospital was that of 38-year-old Kuldeep Singh’s. A typical north-Indian foodie at heart, Kuldeep was fond of non-vegetarian food and alcohol. Despite having a medical history of diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease he did not change his lifestyle. After undergoing an angioplasty, he was advised by the Cardiologist to check his weight to avoid any more health complications.

“I realized that I needed to lose weight; it was now or never for me. I started taking this issue seriously and consulted with the nutritionist at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Ghaziabad. The weight management program helped me to reach the desired body weight, and maintain my blood sugar levels and cardiac parameters within the limit. I now feel healthy, energetic and lively; it’s a new, positive vibe altogether which has made a world of difference for me,” says Kuldip.

Permanent weight loss can be achieved if the underlying causes of obesity are identified at the earliest. For example, weight gain in many cases is driven by hormonal imbalance and this has to be factored in before proceeding with any weight loss measures. The Hospital’s diabetic educators work in close coordination with nutritionists, physicians and other clinical personnel to analyze your medical background and outline effective weight loss goals.
“We, at Columbia Asia, with our 360-degree weight loss program have successfully transformed lives of many overweight individuals and guided them into an active and health lifestyle.The program is designed to take care of weight loss and at the same time addressrelated health concerns. In fact, we aim at complete turnaround in lifestyle to help individuals make healthier choices which will benefit them over the long term. Our holistic approach of counseling, diet management, behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy and exercise creates an environment of support for people who are looking forward to get past obesity,” saysDr. Aditi Sharma.

Some other significant success stories of weight reduction via this program are:
·         17-year old Anurag with 121.5kg weight was experiencing borderline diabetes. He was advised to target weight reduction lest he need diabetic treatment. Under the weight management program, he reduced 13.5 kg in 3 months, and the blood glucose level came under control.

·         40-year-old Madhu Sharma was just 4’10” tall and weighed 106.5kg. Her blood sugar levels started rising. With successful weight reduction exercise and regular follow ups with the dietician, she was able to reach 81.5kg within 6 months and is on road to recovery.

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