Fortis Malar Hospital organizes cleaning and awareness drive in slum on the wake of World Malaria Day

Chennai, 25th April 2017:  Fortis Malar Hospital today observed World Malaria Day by cleaning up Malligai Poo Nagar a (adopted by Fortis Malar hospital) slum in Chennai’s Adyar locality, home for over 1000 people. As a part of Fortis Sewa Trust’s Swachh Fortis CSR program, Fortis Malar Hospital staff worked along with the volunteers in these areas to remove garbage from streets and residential areas for a clean living environment of the residents. Post cleaning mosquito repellent is sprayed across the slum area. In a culminating session saplings were donated to the people, followed by a hand hygiene session by infection control nursing staff.  These activities raise awareness among the residents on the importance of a cleaner environment and improving their hygiene.
Fortis Group Hospitals across India has adopted the responsibility for cleanliness of a slum in their neighborhood area; Fortis Malar adopted a slum near Adyar. About 50 Volunteers took up the task of cleaning solid and liquid waste in the slum as a part of this cleaning initiative to clean the entire slum. They also painted the walls with cleanliness messages written on it in an effort to make slum-dwellers understand the need to keep their area clean and hygienic and to help in fight against Malaria – which is a completely preventable disease.

Fortis Malar Hospital organizes cleaning and awareness drive in slum on the wake of World Malaria Day

Fortis Malar Hospital organizes cleaning and awareness drive in slum on the wake of World Malaria Day

Fortis Malar Hospital organizes cleaning and awareness drive in slum on the wake of World Malaria Day

‘World Malaria Day’ is observed every year on April 25th, across the globe, to raise awareness of malaria and generate support for the fight against this preventable and treatable disease. The theme for World Malaria Day 2017 is ‘End Malaria for Good’. Malaria is still prevalent in several countries including India. According to WHO, malaria continues to kill 4,00,000 people annually. This number can be reduced considerably by taking preventive measures.

Dr Sanjay Pandey, Facility Director, Fortis Malar Hospital said, “Swachh Fortis is a pan India Fortis Group hospitals initiative in line with our Swachh Bharath Abhiyan drive by the government of India. Every Year Fortis Malar Hospital organizes several activities to address the dire needs of the neighborhood community. Through such activities we create awareness and help the community to reap the benefit of a national level initiative. In near future we have planned to adopt more slums to improve the health index of the community. ”

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About Fortis Malar Hospital 

Fortis Malar Hospital was acquired by Fortis Healthcare (India) Limited in early 2008. The hospital founded in 1992, is established as one of the largest corporate hospitals in Chennai providing quality super specialty and multi-specialty healthcare services. Fortis Malar Hospitals, with 180 beds, focuses on providing comprehensive medical care in the areas of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Paediatrics, Diabetics, Nephrology and Internal Medicine. Fortis Malar Hospital has a state of the art Cath Lab and multiple dedicated cardiac operation theatres and intensive coronary care units. Several rare and complex Adult and Paediatric Cardiac surgeries, Orthopedic and Joint replacements, Neurosurgeries and Plastic reconstruction surgeries have been performed at this hospital.

Photo Captions:

Pic 1 - Dr. Sanjay Pandey, Facility Director - Fortis Malar Hospital, in the middle top row with the volunteers

from Malligai Poo Nagar slum and from Fortis Malar hospital after cleaned the slum.

Pic 2 -  Saplings are donated to the Malligai Poo Nagar residents by Dr. Sanjay Pandey, Facility Director - Fortis Malar Hospital.

Pic 3 - The cleaning activity snapshot along with volunteers from Malligai Poo Nagar.