Godrej Appliances launches ‘Godrej Smartcare’ App

Godrej Appliances launches ‘Godrej Smartcare’ App

Empowers customers with compete transparency of the service delivery process

Mumbai, April 3, 2017: Godrej Appliances, one of India's leading players in the white goods consumer durables segment, announced the launch of its customer service mobile app that has been created to provide its customers with a hassle-free after sales service experience. Moving further into the era of digitization and taking cognizance of the popularity of smartphones, the app also serves as an additional channel for the consumer in case he/ she wants to reach out to the company.

The app named ‘Godrej Smartcare’ provides customers with various benefits. Through this app customers can get complete visibility of all their appliance related details- including appliances of brands other than Godrej, owned by them. Customers can log a service request and check the status of their complaint without having to call up the call center. Customers can be updated in real time on the call status, technician location, delays, spare part availability etc. and have complete visibility of the different stages of call resolution. The app also provides immense amount of convenience to the customer since they can maintain all appliance related details like invoices, history of services availed (all service request related data), warranty details etc. all at one place, even for brands other than Godrej.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ravi Bhat, Service Head - Godrej Appliances said, “Godrej Smartcare has always been committed to providing its customers with a delightful after sales service, in the shortest possible time. Moving towards digitization will help us further in this endeavor while helping us improve the overall service efficiency and enable smoother functioning with minimal human intervention, thereby minimizing errors at each stage of the enquiry. This app will help us empower our customers with complete transparency of the entire service delivery process, thereby providing a better experience to the customers.”

The app also helps in timely allocation of calls to the technicians as well as easy and on-time call status updates by technicians to avoid delays in call closing. This further enhances the service experience and provides holistic services to customers as well as technicians.

Overall, Godrej has made several strides in digitizing its service- be it through its website, online call booking facility, online chat facility for real time resolution of issues, app for its technicians, or app for its consumers. Its website, www.godrejsmartcare.com, is solely dedicated to enhancing responsiveness towards after- sales service. The website offers an online call booking facility as well as online chat facility that enables customers to directly interact and resolve their queries on the website instead of waiting for the call center. The customer can also get the status of his enquiries and service requests online. He/she gets the call number through SMS and can check the status of the call at “godrejsmartcare.com”.

Through this robust system, the company has ensured that the customer is updated at every stage of the call. He/she gets an SMS after the call is registered, once it is allocated, after it is closed, with the details of the payment if any. In addition, customer can also write to smartcare@godrej.com. Each and every mail is responded and tracked till it is closed.

Until now, no other durable company has the facility of registering a call directly on the CRM. In addition, customers can chat online with service experts for real-time solutions while booking and tracking service requests online on godrejsmartcare.com.

Tele audit is initiated to ensure that work is done to the satisfaction of the customer. Godrej also employs independent agencies to track customer requirements and satisfaction level with respect to service.