​​Relief from a ​C​hronic Problem

​​Relief from a ​C​hronic Problem 
​​Relief from a ​C​hronic Problem

Does Sinusitis get you down? Treatment is at hand in the form of endoscopic surgery.The advantage is that it can be done under local anesthesia and entails a very short convalescent period.

About half the patients who visit the outpatient department have complaints such as nasal block, heaviness in the head or even headaches. Patients specify that they have sinuses.

What is Sinus? : Sinuses are air filled spaces in the skull around the nose. Hence they are called paranasal sinuses. The functions of sinuses are: less air conditioning of inspired air; reduction of weight of head: mechanical rigidity and vocal resonance. They may also have any function at all. All these sinuses are lined by the same mucosa that line the nose and it is rare for infection to affect one without the other .All Sinuses open into the nasal cavity through small openings call Ostia.

In cities because of atmospheric pollution, weather patterns and allergic reactions, sinus related problems are common.

Common Causes for Sinus: A change in climatic conditions, atmospheric pollution, Anemia,decreased immune resistance, living in overcrowded cities, swimming in contaminated waters ,allergies because of house dust mites, pollen grains ,structural deformities of the nose like deviated nasal sputum,tumours in the nose ,foreign bodies in the nose especially in children.

Symptoms : Continuous cold, nasal blocks, post nasal drip, headache, purulent discharge, fatigue, cough, halitosis, a lack of sense of smell, sore throat, change of voice, blocked feeling and the pain in the ear.

Some people have a classical history of periodicity of pain which starts at around 9 am reach a peak by noon and subsides by evening. Sites of the referred in sinusitis are over forehead; below eyes and over cheeks; on root of nose and behind the head.

Misconceptions: Many people believe that once they are affected with sinusitis or polypoidal disease of the nose they have to suffer.

Sinusitis is not an incurable disease, but is of multifactor etiology. Much other disease present may have the symptoms of sinusitis. So a proper examination and medical treatment with or without surgery can cure the disease.

Treatment: In acute conditions, antibiotics prescribed should be taken for a week as per the dosage schedule; Analgesic and anti pyretics for the relief of pain and fever; anti – histaminics and decongestants to lower inflammation and for adequate drainage of secretions, in the form of tablets and locally instilled nasal drops. If the patient is still not relieved of his complaints ,he should have a thorough investigation.

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