VPS Rockland Hospital unique life saviour operation

VPS Rockland Hospital unique life saviour operation

Removes ‘Tennis Ball sized Heart Tumour’ by open heart surgery and proves life saviour for 60 years old

New Delhi, 17th April 2017: VPS Rockland Hospital, the multi-super specialty hospital, located at Qutab Institutional area in New Delhi, recently performed a rare and lifesaving surgery on a 60 year old man who was gasping when brought to the emergency department.

The patient's heart arrested soon. He was promptly revived and intensively managed by the emergency physicians and critical care team. The cardiologists on echo found a typical tumour which was size of a tennis ball inside his heart. The tumour was entirely filling up a chamber of heart and choking up the heart and was precarious in causing a fatal stroke. The cardio thoracic surgeon suggested the family for open heart surgery the only way to save his life and prevent any further complications of tumour tissue breaking away and lodging in brain and other organs.

Chief Cardiac Surgeon at VPS Rockland Group and his team promptly and successfully operated and retrieved the entire tumour from his sick heart.

The cardiac surgical team connected the patient to a heart lung machine and then operated on the heart. The tumour was bulky, friable and was lying dangerously in the left side pumping chamber of heart.

Dr. Sanjog Rawtani adds that “Patient never had any medical history of pain or breathlessness in his entire life. The acute emergency case of patient was diagnosed by the cardiologists of VPS Rockland Hospital. The patient was acutely and critically managed by emergency physicians and critical care team.  The tumour if not removed by then could have caused another fatal cardiac arrest and death or a portion of it could have dislodged and spread to brain causing stroke, or other organs causing damage.  Heart tumours are rare and usually are undetected for a long time. But are known to present like an acute emergency as the first presentation sometimes. Timely interventions are usually curative.

The case clearly showed that the origin of tumour was in heart and it severely affected the proper functioning of heart. Such large & rare heart tumours are generally removed by open heart surgery and timely decision and action by experienced doctors at the hospital was the key factor in saving the life of patient.

Cardiac surgery was successful in first go and patient was discharged within 6 days of admission, medical assistance and revival.

About VPS Rockland Hospital, Qutab Enclave: 

VPS Rockland hospital enjoys its location in South Delhi at Qutab institutional area.

The hospital houses Interventional Cath Lab, Advanced CT, MRI and cutting-edge technology acquisition for its intensive care services.

The hospital stands proud for its Intervention cardiology, Joint Replacement program, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Onco surgery program and Intensive care units, modular Operation Theatres and high end diagnostic services.