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Recreational YogArt Workshop by Trishna Patnaik at Peacock life

What : Recreational YogArt Workshop by Trishna Patnaik at Peacock life
When: 17th May, 2017
Time : 4.30PM to 6.30PM
Where: 190, Linking Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Entry : Rs 1100/-
Contact: 9867982075

It's a proven fact that Yoga helps one heal in more ways than we'd actually know! This Wednesday -17th May,2017  aim at combining two therapeutic activities like Yoga and Art through Trishna Patnaik's YogArt workshop at Peacock Life, a tasteful interior store that serves as the perfect venue to bring out the best artiste in you! The workshop is aimed at exploring the tumultuous world inside of us leading to results that would definitely overwhelm!

YogArt is an adventure where, even someone who has never held a brush before can discover their inner artist and voice. In this workshop you will be exploring two unique concepts of breathing and therapy blended into one in order to delve into the inner, unexplored world of your mind which is the subconscious. After which you will be creating an artwork from your subconscious mind with the acrylic colours and cartridge sheets. The artwork created will be neither wrong nor right but just ‘you’.

Get rejuvenated, relaxed, and intrigued in this fun and fabulous workshop!

Finger Painting
 Finger Painting

Peacock Life

Peacock Life